35 Easter Crafts for Kids to Keep Your Little Bunnies Occupied

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Another holiday is upon us, friends, and that means you’ve got another golden opportunity to keep the young and the restless busy with some festive arts and crafts projects. From DIY eggs to festive wreaths, check out our roundup of easy Easter crafts for kids of all ages. The best part? While your child stays occupied with a creative Easter-y pursuit, you can take a few moments to relax (and dive into all the Easter candy).

These 35 Easter crafts for kids are great for all ages and skill levels, whether you're looking for a low- or high-life project. These fun ideas range from Easter suncatchers and Peeps houses (like gingerbread houses but more spring) to Easter egg ornaments and cereal box Easter baskets. Basically, there's something for everyone.

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easter crafts for kids bunny crate
Arty Crafty Kids

1. Rocking Paper Bunny Plate Craft

Paper plates are a preschool craft time staple, but the resulting artwork is typically a bit, er, simplistic. This easy art project—an exception to the rule—relies on a free printable (and your child’s scissor skills) to create a paper plate masterpiece that will inspire pride.

easter crafts for kids easter suncatcher
The Best Ideas for Kids  

2. Easter Suncatcher

With winter in the rearview and Easter around the corner, these colorful suncatchers are a particularly fitting craft for the holiday. Plus, this cheery window decor comes together with minimal materials—just tissue paper, laminating paper and cardstock—and the printable template ensures a foolproof project for kids of all ages.

easter crafts for kids diy galaxy easter eggs
One Little Project

3. Diy Galaxy Easter Eggs

Sure, the standard pastel colors are fine…but these galaxy-themed Easter eggs are undeniably cooler. Best of all, this striking look is surprisingly easy to achieve with nothing more than nail polish and glitter—just keep in mind that this DIY is best left to the adults, especially if you’re worried about potential messes.

easter crafts for kids optical illusion peeps
Pink Stripey Socks

4. Optical Illusion Peeps

No need to schlep to the craft store for fancy-shmancy art supplies, because a pencil, a marker and a piece of paper are all you need to make this trompe l’oeil. The takeaway? If you’re looking for a festive project that’s quick, easy and 100 percent kid-friendly, this one will not disappoint.

easter crafts for kids easter bunny mason jars
Crafts by Amanda

5. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Give some plain mason jars an adorable new look with pastel-colored chalk paint with this quick and easy craft. The free bunny template makes the process a breeze—so easy a kid could do it—and the finished product is oh-so pretty. Bonus: Once complete, these jars make excellent containers for storing all that Easter candy.

easter crafts for kids paper plate easter wreath
I Heart Crafty Things

6. Paper Plate Easter Wreath

In case you missed it, paper plates have a ton of crafting potential. Case in point: This simple Easter wreath, which uses a paper plate and a variety of cardstock to wonderful effect. Start by painting some two-dimensional Easter eggs—from there, you just need to do some cutting and pasting to complete this colorful piece of eye candy.

easter crafts for kids washcloth bunny craft
The Craft Train

7. Washcloth Bunny Craft

We’re all about reimagining banal household items, but the plush bunny washcloth is one transformation we didn’t seem coming...and it’s kind of a game changer. Best of all, the technique here requires little more than some creative folding and the finished craft is just the right size to hold a Cadbury creme egg. It doesn’t get cuter than this, friends.

easter crafts for kids bunny crossing sign
Confessions of a Serial DIYer

8. Bunny Crossing Sign

Put a coat of paint on a couple pieces of old wood and you’ll be more than halfway to a homemade bunny crossing sign. (One that boasts a charming, shabby chic look, no less.) Yep, this exceedingly simple craft comes together quickly, and the end result is sure to make your lawn a little more festive. Plus, how else will the Easter Bunny know where to hide all those eggs?

easter crafts for kids peeps houses

9. Peeps Houses

Easter has its own version of a gingerbread house and we’re not mad about it. This edible craft is a surefire way to get kids engaged in a STEM activity—you know, by satisfying both the inner architect and the ever-present sweet tooth in one fell swoop—and the undertaking is totally manageable. In fact, the hardest part will be trying not to eat all the candy.

easter crafts for kids felt bunny easter brooch
Molly Moo Crafts

10. Felt Bunny Easter Brooch

This sweet bunny brooch is guaranteed to add some festive flair to your Easter Day outfit and it’s surprisingly simple to make. You’ll need only a few, budget-friendly supplies—felt, glue, embroidery thread and a pom pom—to pull this one off, and kids can participate almost every step of the way.

easter crafts for kids eggshell mosaic vase
Crafts by Amanda

11. Eggshell Mosaic Vase

Egg salad and deviled eggs are obvious choices to avoid wasting Easter eggs once the hunt is over...but what about all those pretty shells? (You know, the proof of your artistic prowess.) Good news: There’s a way to put those to use, too. This clever decoupage project consists of sticking colorful eggshell fragments to a white vase for a finished craft that boasts year-round beauty.

easter crafts for kids easter egg ornaments
The Life of Jennifer Dawn

12. Easter Egg Ornaments

You don’t have to be a master crafter to manage this one, but the finished product is impressive, nevertheless. Scoop up some decorative paper, yarn and beads and hop to it! When the (minimal) work is done, hang these pretty ornaments from your window so the whole neighborhood can admire your handiwork.

easter crafts for kids diy easter bunny bean bag toss
Pink Stripey Socks

13. Diy Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss

Upcycle a cardboard box for a budget-friendly project that promises to keep kids entertained even after the crafting is complete. There are a decent number of steps involved in creating this DIY bean bag toss, but it’s all very straightforward and kid-friendly. (Well, except for the hot glue gun part.)

easter crafts for kids bunny puppet
skip to my lou

14. Felt Bunny Puppet

This cute bunny puppet is an excellent beginner sewing project for slightly older kids (and a no-brainer if there’s a younger sibling around to play with it).

easter crafts for kids wooden spoon bunnies
One Little Project

15. Wooden Spoon Bunnies

This sweet wooden spoon craft can be done with the help of even the littlest kid in your brood and the process allows plenty of room for creativity. Oh, and did we mention that the finished project is just stinkin’ cute? Bottom line: If you’ve never looked at the top of a spoon and seen an Easter egg, you’ve been missing out on a major crafting opportunity.

easter crafts for kids bunny handprint card
The Best Ideas for Kids

16. Bunny Handprint Card

This simple card-making craft promises to keep little hands occupied from start to finish. Better still, it relies on just a few familiar materials—pom poms, school glue, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, cardstock and (non-toxic) paint—and the process requires little, if any, help from a grown up. File this one under ‘Easter crafting win.’

easter crafts for kids paper roll bunnies
The Craft Train

17. Paper Roll Bunnies

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with an empty toilet paper the realm of kid-friendly crafts, that is. This paper roll bunny project is sure to keep kids engaged, and it’s an absolute breeze to execute. Best of all, there’s a good chance you already have all the required materials (scissors, glue, paint and markers) hanging around.

easter crafts for kids balloon chicks
Molly Moo Crafts

18. Balloon Chicks

Kids of all ages will enjoy the novelty of crafting with balloons, and these playful Easter props are both easy and incredibly fun to make. (Who doesn’t love a drama-free art project?) Plus, the finished product is sure to make you smile—so be sure to find a prominent place for these guys to roost.

easter crafts for kids salt painted easter eggs
One Little Project

19. Salt Painted Easter Eggs

If you haven’t tried a salt painting project with your kid yet, you’ve both been missing out: This simple technique encourages hands-on participation from kids of all ages and the process serves up a satisfying sensory experience to boot. Plus, the resulting piece of art is pretty enough to put on display.

easter crafts for kids paper mache easter eggs
Mom Endeavors

20. Papier Mâché Easter Eggs

Papier-mâché projects require some time and patience (you know, like watching glue dry) but the reward is well worth the effort. Here, Papier-mâché and glitter gives texture and visual appeal to Easter eggs—an end result that the standard egg decorating kit just can’t hold a handle to.

easter crafts for kids easter bunny string art
Happy Go Lucky

21. Easter Bunny String Art

This intricate string art project is plenty calming for adults, and kids can try their hand at it too. Granted, if you task a tot with this one, the finished product might not look quite as impressive—but it will provide entertainment while giving fine motor skills a boost, so we’ll call that a win.

easter crafts for kids diy easter egg wreath
Crafts by Amanda

22. Diy Easter Egg Wreath

This holiday wreath has a decidedly elegant aesthetic—so much so, you’d never guess it started with plastic dollar store eggs. Yep, just tone down those neon eggs with some chalk paint (in muted colors, of course), stick them on a bland raffia wreath and voila...refinement you can hang on your door.

easter crafts for kids mandarin easter bunnies
A Beautiful Mess

23. Mandarin Easter Bunnies

Did we mention how much we love edible crafts? Well, here’s another one—and this time we’re not pushing candy, since this adorable Easter craft involves dressing up a wholesome piece of citrus. Grab a kid and get started—you’ll both have a blast (and everyone will be grateful for an Easter snack that doesn’t come with a crazy sugar rush).

easter crafts for kids paper plate easter puppets
I Heart Crafty Things

24. Paper Plate Easter Puppets

Paper plates are at it again—this time as the primary medium for too-cute Easter puppets. Kids of all ages can participate in the process (there’s lots of cutting and pasting) and little ones are sure to get a kick out of making the finished puppet hop to and fro.

easter crafts for kids easter egg weebles
Pink Stripey Socks

25. Easter Egg Weebles

Once all the candy has been consumed, repurpose those plastic Easter eggs with this easy DIY Weeble project. This decorating craft is an excellent way to keep kids entertained once the fun of the Easter egg hunt has come to an end and the materials are mess-free and easy to procure—just be sure there’s a grown-up on standby for the hot glue gun part.

easter crafts for kids chick
one little project

26. Candy Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Ditch the plastic eggs this year and make Easter a little more eco-friendly with this adorable and kid-friendly craft. Only a few basic supplies—paint, construction paper, glue—are required to make these egg carton chicks, and kids of all ages will enjoy the process as much as they enjoy the treats you tuck inside the finished product. (OK, almost as much.)

easter crafts for kids chick wreath
kids craft room

27. Paper Plate Chick Wreath

Get your preschooler to practice their scissor skills with this sweet and simple art project, which involves using paint, googly eyes and a few feathers to transform a plain paper plate into a bright yellow chick that looks oh-so festive wherever it’s hung.

easter crafts for kids cereal box
the craft train

28. Cereal Box Easter Basket

Kids will have a blast turning empty cereal boxes (or tissue boxes) into baskets for the Easter bunny to fill—namely because the decorating stage of the project leaves plenty of room for creativity. Plus, finding one’s own creation stuffed with candy is an extra sweet reward. (Right?)

easter crafts for kids mason jars
mod podge rocks blog

29. Decoupage Bunny Ear Mason Jars

Here, another festive mason jar project that kids of all ages can get in on. The variety of materials used (felt, pom poms, tissue paper, cardstock) adds extra interest to the crafting process and, needless to say, the resulting bunny jars are just darn cute.

easter crafts for kids paper roll baskets
the craft train

30. Paper Roll Easter Baskets

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, empty paper rolls have serious crafting potential. Case in point: these upcycled Easter baskets, which are a breeze to construct and provide kids with an opportunity to do some choice-driven art—you know, ‘cause there’s no wrong way to decorate a cardboard tube.

easter crafts for kids candy pouches
i heart crafty things

31. Paper Bunny Candy Pouches

Your kid wants—no, needs—every jelly bean hiding at the bottom of their Easter basket, and you want to be spared the clean-up hassle of a billion shreds of basket filler on the floor. The solution? Cardstock candy pouches that are easy enough for a preschooler to make and look picture perfect when tucked inside an Easter basket.

easter crafts for kids tissue nests
molly moo crafts

32. Tissue Paper Nests

Craft glue and tissue paper are the only materials needed to make these gorgeous papier-mâché nests, which can be used as Easter baskets or incorporated into a decorative holiday display.

easter crafts for kids maracas
kids craft room

33. Easter Egg Maracas

Once the egg hunt is over, grab a couple of those plastic eggs your kid emptied and tossed aside for this exceedingly simple craft that calls for little more than washi tape and a couple kitchen staples. (Psst: Paint can also be used to decorate the maracas if you don’t have washi tape on hand.)

easter crafts for kids mono print
Arty Crafty Kids

34. Mono Print Easter Eggs

Grab a kid for a unique pattern-making art project that’s sure to inspire creativity: These mono print easter eggs boast an intricate, eye-catching design, and can be strung together to make Easter bunting that’s more sophisticated than cutesy.

easter crafts for kids lamb craft
kid friendly things to do

35. Lamb Handprint Craft

If you’re looking for a fool-proof art project for little kids, this pre-K crowd-pleaser certainly fits the bill. Grown-up help will likely be required for the tracing and cutting part of the process, but the rest is completely hands-off (so to speak).

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