35 Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Are Ridiculously Cute

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After you’ve played all the Easter games, worked up an appetite on a seriously fun Easter egg hunt and indulged in a special Easter brunch, what’s left to do? Get creative with one of these Easter basket ideas, that’s what. (Just kidding, please don’t attempt to do all of the above—just pulling off one of these holiday DIYs more than enough.) Check out our roundup of festive projects for both kids and adults, all of which are Easter Bunny-approved.

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1. ‘oh My Gold!’ Easter Gift Basket

Go for gold with this striking and oh-so glamorous Easter basket. It makes a beautiful gift for friends and family (i.e., your mother-in-law will be thrilled) and it comes together quickly, too. Just snag a boring brown basket and give it a gilded new look with a can of gold spray paint. The hardest part is picking the right assortment of shiny objects to fill it with.

2. printable Easter Bunny Basket

Grab a glue stick, card stock (or paper), a pair of scissors and a kid to craft this simple DIY bunny basket. This project comes with free printable templates in different colors, including a color-your-own option, and it’s a cinch to construct. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a basket craft that encourages kid-participation at every stage, this one’s a winner.

3. diy Unicorn Easter Basket

Little unicorn lovers will swoon over this embellished basket, which comes together in the blink of an eye with some help from a ready-made cake decorating kit, a hot glue gun and some candy-striped ribbon. (Three cheers for a Pinterest masterpiece that even a crafting amateur can achieve.)

4. candy-filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

These egg carton chicks are so cute, we can’t even stand it. The craft itself is so easy that even a little kid can help with the process, which involves nothing more than painting, cutting and gluing. Fill one with candy as a basket substitute for young ones or make several and stuff them with an assortment of treats and little gifts like temporary tattoos, bouncy balls and the like.

5. easter Treat Boxes

Thanks to the free printable template, you don’t need to be an origami whiz to construct these adorable treat boxes, but the finished product still looks like it was made with Easter Bunny magic. Fill these puppies with candy or other small tchotchkes for an Easter basket with more appropriate proportions for your pint-sized person.

6. flower Pot Basket

Turns out you can make your own Easter basket with any ol’ flower pot you’ve got lying around. Better still is that your finished craft will look lovely in your garden once your kid has emptied (and eaten) the contents—and all you need to do is slap some pretty pastel paint on that piece of terracotta and add twine for the finishing touch.

7. paper Bag Bunny Piñata

Who said Easter treats have to be packaged in a basket? Try loading this festive bunny piñata with goodies and trinkets instead for a non-traditional take that kids of all ages will enjoy. Pro tip: Design your egg hunt so that it leads to this piñata prize for a holiday activity no one will forget.

8. paper Napkin Bunny Bags

If you asked us what we thought we could do with the napkins left over from last night’s take out indulgence, our response probably would’ve been a blank stare...but that was before we discovered this brilliant bunny craft, which involves repurposing paper napkins (preferably unused) into adorable floppy-eared goody bags.

9. easter Paper Plate Basket

This sweet paper plate basket comes together using only basic and budget-friendly supplies, and it’s sturdy enough to hold candy and small toys. (Think: miniature plastic dinosaurs, stamps and the like.) Alternatively, you can fill this Easter basket with privilege cards for a present that will really float your kid’s boat—just be sure the cut-outs are egg-shaped and (preferably) sparkly.

10. papier Mache Bowl

A good recyclable craft is worth its weight in gold (or in dollars saved at the craft store, as it were) and this papier mache project is proof: A humble egg carton gets ripped to shreds and mixed with glue and voila—a soft purple bowl that can serve as an Easter basket and a pretty piece of decor to boot.

11. cereal Box Easter Baskets

Empty cereal boxes get a cheerful new look from acrylic paint, washi tape and ribbon in this simple and kid-friendly craft. The concept is straightforward and the process leaves lots of room for creativity, so kids will have a blast designing their own one-of-a-kind baskets.

12. dip-dyed Easter Basket

Breathe new life into a boring brown basket with this easy faux dip-dye project. All you need is paint, a brush and some painter’s tape to achieve this look—there’s no dipping actually involved—and the end result is easy on the eyes. Note: For a basket that’s extra festive, but still versatile, we suggest you add a splash of color rather than just plain white.

13. popsicle Stick Easter Boxes

No, you don’t need to eat that many popsicles to pull this one off—just head to the craft store and score a package of craft sticks, along with some school glue, paint and mod podge and you’re good to go. Oh, and that cute bunny decoration? It’s just a sharpie and crayon doodle cut out of white paper—so with some help, even a little kid can do it.

14. diy Felt Boxes

At first glance, these might not look very Easter-y, but trust us on this one: The organizational labels can be left off or adjusted for a more festive effect—and once the holiday is in the rearview, you’ll still find endless ways to use these boxes all year-round. Best of all, there’s a no-sew hack for this craft, so you don’t even need to be skilled with a thread and needle.

15. tissue Paper Nests

Tissue paper might not sound like the ideal material for making a sturdy Easter basket, but with the help of copious amounts of craft glue these tissue paper nests hold up beautifully. Attach handles if you wish, or leave it as is—either way, you’ll love the textured look and striking colors of the finished product.

16. diy Craft Stick Basket

This craft stick basket boasts a shabby chic aesthetic that’s a bit more understated than, say, a basket with a giant bunny design. That said, a sweet twine bow and glass gems (in muted colors) give this one an Easter-y feel—and since only kid-friendly materials are used in the crafting process, your child will have plenty of opportunities to help.

17. easter Egg-gram

Easter baskets can present a shipping challenge—but this creative design makes it easy to send an Easter surprise to loved ones. All you have to do is dress up a large egg container with pretty watercolor paints and fill it up with treats...and voila, your homemade holiday present is ready to post.

18. easter Bunny Mason Jar

These pretty Easter mason jars may not be big enough to fit a lot of swag, but you can definitely stuff them full of candy—and let’s be honest, that’s really all your kid is interested in anyway. Plus, you don’t need much more than chalk paint and a bunny printable to pull ‘em off.

19. woven Easter Baskets

Get your hands on some decorative ribbon, pom poms and pipe cleaners to make these whimsical little baskets. The project is completely mess-free and the finished baskets are so charming, you’d never guess they started off as humble produce containers. In other words, you can file this one under ‘upcycling success’.

20. paper Bunny Candy Pouches

Your candy-crazed kid is liable to overturn his entire Easter basket in order to get a hold of every last jellybean hiding in the hay. The end result? A giant mess, and the death of your oh-so pretty presentation. Avoid this scenario by tucking all the treats in these adorable bunny pouches instead, and you’ll be basking in your brilliance while your kid makes short work of the candy.

21. chalkboard Buckets

We’re obsessed with these chalkboard buckets: Decorate them with Easter artwork or scribble a holiday message and then, once the goodies have been gobbled up, grab an eraser and you’ve got a blank slate. (And a bucket with a whole lot or organizational potential.)

22. edible Easter Basket

What’s better than an Easter basket filled with chocolates? Answer: A giant piece of chocolate filled with chocolate. This edible work of art might look like something only a professional could pull off, but the process is actually pretty straightforward. Raid the candy aisle at the store, blow up a balloon and get ready to unleash your inner chocolatier.

23. printed Fabric Basket

Cotton, canvas and some sewing know-how are required for this craft, but the resulting basket is well worth the effort. Just be sure to pick printed fabrics based on your child’s individual taste—although your kid mostly likely cannot get involved with this one, the personalized design will make for a sweet surprise.

24. decoupage Bunny Ear Mason Jar

Another mason jar masterpiece—the decoupage design here is full of youthful cheer and the craft couldn’t be easier to accomplish. (Bonus: Aside from the hot glue gun part, kids of all ages can get in on the action too.) If your vision for an Easter gift involves candy as opposed to toys, this is an excellent basket substitute.

25. no-sew Fabric Rope Basket

With some cotton filler cord, fabric and a hot glue gun you can construct a fabric basket with an impressively polished look—and the process is a breeze, even for crafting beginners. The simplicity of the design makes this basket especially versatile and the understated pastel color is downright dreamy.

26. recyclable Easter Basket

Little-to-no adult involvement is required for this craft—which comes together with nothing more than a recycled egg carton, a piece of ribbon and some paint. Kids will be eager for the opportunity to exercise their creativity and you’ll relish a stress-free craft that doesn’t end in tears. Plus, the finished project has ‘Easter egg hunt’ written all over it.

27. stuffed Animal Easter Basket

If your child doesn’t have an oversized stuffed animal they’re willing to part with, we recommend you purchase one specifically for this project—namely because the end result is so darn cute. Best of all, this adorable Easter basket is easy to make, provided you have some sewing skills up your sleeve.

28. recycled Fabric Basket

Another sewing project for you: This endearing bunny basket owes its cozy feel to a repurposed wool sweater. That’s right, friends, your once-favorite, now moth-eaten sweater just got a second chance at life—and we’re 100 percent on board with this Easter basket comeback. (We think your kid will be, too.)

29. Milk Carton Treat Boxes

When candy is the primary gift, there’s really no need for a bulky basket, right? These milk carton treat boxes are as sweet as the candy you fill ‘em with—and, thanks to a free printable template, this cute and budget-friendly craft is so easy to make that you can whip up a dozen in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

30. diy Origami Easter Baskets

The printable patterned paper used for these bunny baskets is so eye-catching and chic—and they’re just the right size to hold a reasonable amount of candy for a toddler or little kid. More importantly, you don’t even need to have prior experience with origami crafts to pull this one off, because there’s a video tutorial that will see you through. (Phew!)

31. Paper Roll Easter Baskets

That’s right. Paper roll may seem useless, but it actually makes for a unique Easter craft. All you need to do is decorate the outside with some construction paper (or crafting material of your choice), glue on a cardboard base, add a handle and voila! You have a super quick, super easy craft you and your kids can do.

32. Life-size Easter Basket

Sometimes you just need a craft that allows the kids to expend all that energy, and this genius idea from Fun at Home with Kids does just that. All you have to do is get an inflatable pool, fill it with Easter-themed goodies and let the kiddos have at it. Just be sure to keep a keen eye on the little rascals so they don’t overindulge on the sugar or eat objects they’re not meant to.

33. Easter Bunny Bag

Transform your standard canvas tote into a festive accessory by adding a few seasonally appropriate decorations. Get some pink and white felt to create bunny ears, pom poms to make a cute nose and some black and white pipe cleaners to make whiskers, eyes and the rest of the nose. We guarantee all eyes will be on your bag at Easter Sunday brunch.

34. Easter Basket Cupcakes

A yummy Easter basket craft that you can gobble up? We’ll take one to go, please. If tons of chocolate aren’t your thing, opt for baking cupcakes instead. You can make them any flavor, so you’ll have a mouthwatering dessert you actually enjoy. Just wrap them in this printable basket cupcake wrapper and create an artsy handle using pipe cleaners. (Add a ribbon for some razzle dazzle).

35. Mini Easter Chick Nests

Grab some transparent eggboxes, crepe paper, mini chocolate eggs, fluffy little chicks and you have yourself some very adorable, teeny Easter baskets perfect for the scavenger hunt.

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