20 Best Easter Card Ideas to Send to Everyone You Know

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As much as you’d love to load up a basket full of chocolate bunnies, Peeps and hand-dyed eggs your kids custom-made for everyone in your extended family…you’re a realist and you know it’s not going to happen. Whether you’re the renowned hostess in your family—everyone looks forward to your decadent Easter brunch and mouth-watering Easter desserts—or you’re the relative who shows up mainly for the food, greeting cards add a touch of festiveness to the occasion. And we’ve found great options for everyone you love. From those hard-to-please teens, to that one artsy friend, as well as the grandparents who love this holiday. These 20 Easter card ideas are guaranteed to brighten their day.

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Best Easter Cards at a Glance

1. Lovepop Easter Lily Of The Valley Pop Up Card

Best for the too-cool-for-school teen

Teenagers can be hard to please, but this card is supremely eye-catching, so it’s sure to get them to at least smirk.

2. Minted Better Late Than Never Card

Best for the relatives you missed at Christmastime

Send this better-late-than-never card to make up for the missed holiday cards that totally slipped your mind.

3. Unicorn Arts Design Easter Rabbit Car

Best for the DIY lover

He or she will really appreciate the handmade touch…even if your hands didn’t make it, per se. (Look at those fuzzy tails!)

4. Lovepop Flower Basket Pop Up Card

Best for the friend who really (really) loves flowers

This 3D number won’t die, and it looks pretty impressive on the counter.

5. Yaas Easter Pop Up Card

Best for the entire family

When you need a one-size-fits-all card, send this pop-up option full of beautiful eggs, florals and a cute little Easter bunny in a basket.

6. Designer M Craze Cards

The pandemic saw a lot of people moving to new states or countries altogether. Get this card for that family member who’s too far away for anything more than a Zoom call and can use a hug right about now.

7. Fjb Studio Christian Easter Card

Best for the religious relative

Your aunty never misses an Easter service at her church if she can help it, so get this card to add to her Easter joy.

8. Noble Works Easter Greeting Card

Best for a good chuckle

Because a good laugh goes a long way.

9. Quiet Afternoon At Home Vintage 1920s Bridge Place Card

Best for the friend with a vintage aesthetic

Nothing says you’re on my mind like a vintage place card.

10. Amelia Jane London Rainbow Easter Bunny Rabbit

Best for the artsy type

Instead of choosing a standard greeting card at your local drugstore, choose one that doubles as decor when on display in the living room.

11. Current Store Stitched Easter Greeting Cards

Best for the one who likes the finer things in life

This stitched card is perfect for that cousin who prefers things that come with a unique flair.

12. Big Dot Of Happiness Easter Greeting Card

Best for the one who's a smidge over-the-top

A gigantic Easter greeting for someone with a gigantic personality to match. This 16.5 x 22 inch-card is sure to put a smile on their face.

13. American Greetings Easter Blue Bunny Card

Best for celebrating everything

The Easter holiday also means that spring is right around the corner, and that’s more than enough reason to celebrate.

14. Avanti Press Chipmunk Bunny In Tulip Easter Card

Best for a dose of adorable

Even the toughest nut to crack will never be able to resist this adorable chipmunk wearing bunny ears.

15. Hallmark Store Signature Peanuts Easter Card

Best for the Peanuts fan

We all have that family member who’s obsessed with everything Peanuts. Yes, there’s no question, this happy-go-lucky design with Charlie Brown and Friends is for them.

16. Scratch Off Easter Cards

Best for flexing those crafting skills

Maybe you want to show your loved ones just how crafty you got over the course of the pandemic. This DIY for scratch-off Easter card will show off just how advanced you are. The best part is, you don’t actually have to be a master at crafts.

17. Easter Handprint Cards

Best for that last-minute haul

So, you forgot Easter was coming up and the drugstore cards just aren’t cutting it? No worries, these simple DIY cards are super easy, time efficient and ensure that your loved ones still get some quality cards. Cardstock, small googly eyes, cotton balls and markers are among material you’ll need to get started.

18. Diy Pop Up Easter Card

Best for making with the kids

Surprise the grandparents with an extra-special card your kids made themselves. Construction paper, green card stock, some glue, scissors and markers are among the materials you’ll need.

19. Current Store Deluxe Die Cut Easter Bunny Greeting Cards

Best for keeping it classic

Simple and straight to the point with a little bit of pizazz, thanks to the pink outline, this is the perfect drugstore card.

20. Rainbow Of Crazy Pancake Bunny Greeting Card

Best for when you can’t decide

With hordes of options available, it can be hard to figure out card your holiday-obsessed cousin would love. This one will at least keep you honest.

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