30 Easter Games for Kids That Will Keep the Whole Family Entertained

You’ve already enjoyed brunch, and the kids found their Easter eggs hours ago. Now what? It’s time to play one of these 30 Easter games for kids. We’ve got options for both indoor and outdoor activities. And from jelly bean taste tests (a perfect way to slow down the candy-eating and temper the sugar high) to pin the tail on the bunny (hilarious at all ages), there’s no shortage of entertaining ideas. Winner gets the last Cadbury egg.

Every Popular Easter Candy, Ranked from Worst to Best

easter games for kids bunny bowling
Handmade By Charlotte

1. Diy Bunny Bowling Set

Ages 3+

Get crafty with some wooden bowling pins (like this set of ten available on Amazon). Paint them white ahead of time, then give your kids the task of drawing on bunny faces, the sillier the better. Last step: Glue on the ears. Once they’re dry, let the bowling begin!

easter games for kids bunny bag toss
Pink Stripey Socks

2. Diy Easter Bunny Bag Toss

Ages 3+

To pull this off, you’re going to need a large piece of cardboard to draw a bunny on. (Being sure to make the mouth and tummy holes big enough for the bean bags to fly through.) From there, use a combination of felt, lentils and hot glue to construct your own carrot-shaped bags.

easter games for kids bunny hop race
Crazy Wonderful

3. Bunny Hop Sack Race

Ages 5+

On your mark, get set, go! This game is probably best enjoyed outside, but it’s an easy one: All you need are burlap sacks (like this pack of six) with large white pom-poms (bunny tails) glued onto the back.

easter games for kids matching eggs
Powerful Mothering

4. Counting And Matching Eggs Game

Ages 2+

Download the free printable, cut everything out, then challenge your toddler to match up the egg shapes. (He can also practice his counting skills in the process.)

easter games for kids jelly bean bingo
Chica Circle

5. Jelly Bean Bingo

Ages 4+

The biggest challenge here? Not eating the jelly beans before the game is over.

easter games for kids guess how many
Westend61/Getty Images

6. Guess How Many

Ages 3+

Speaking of jelly beans, all this game requires is pouring a large amount of the candy into a mason jar and asking everyone you’re celebrating with to guess the amount. The person closest to the right answer wins the jar!

easter eggs for kids egg bocce
120b_rock/Getty Images

7. Easter Egg Bocce

Ages 5+

You know the rules of this classic game: Toss one ball as the marker, then see which player can throw their ball closest to it. But in this Easter-specific version, the balls are replaced with wooden eggs. (Bonus points if your kids decorate them ahead of time.)

easter games for kids bunny bedtime
Peaceable Kingdom

8. Bunny Bedtime

Ages 2+

This game can be played as a family, but it specifically targets the toddler set. Players practice making decisions, taking turns and matching, all while guiding a sleepy bunny through its bedtime routine.

easter games for kids easter tag
Fat Camera/Getty Images

9. Easter Tag

Ages 5+

The person who is “it” covers their eyes and counts while everyone else disperses in the backyard and then has to chase—and tag—every player out to win. But in this Easter version, instead of running, everyone has to hop. (Just be sure you have your camera ready to document.)

easter games for kids pin the tail on bunny
Mayur Kakude/Getty Images

10. Pin The Tail On The Bunny

Ages 4+

The setup is the same as the OG game, but instead of pinning a picture of a donkey to the wall, hang a picture of a bunny. Use an oversized pom-pom as the tail.

egged on

11. Egged On

Ages 5+

It’s a roulette of sorts—but one that’s best played outdoors…or at least on the porch. Players take turns cracking plastic Easter eggs on their forehead and cross their fingers and toes that they don’t crack one filled with water.

easter games for kids glow in dark eggs

12. Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs

Ages 7+

Have a few older kids in the mix? Up the ante with after-dusk egg hunt. Worried about kids being outside too late? You can set it up indoors as well. Just turn off the lights and give everyone a flashlight.

easter games for kids eggs ercises
Flux Factory/Getty Images

13. Easter Eggs-ercises

Ages 2+

Instead of filling those plastic eggs with candy, stuff them with instructions for the silliest of eggs-ercises. Think: Everyone stop and do 12 bunny hops.

easter games for kids egg spoon race
Kali9/Getty Images

14. Egg And Spoon Races

It’s hard to beat this classic (and Easter-friendly) pastime. To play, simply mark out the “course,” then group everyone into teams. The goal is to be the fastest to carry an egg on a spoon to the finish line without dropping it. And… go.

easter games for kids jelly bean spoon race
Neidring/Dwentwett/Gety Images

15. Jelly Bean And Spoon Races

Ages 5+

If the traditional egg and spoon race feels like amateur hour, challenge older kiddos to carry a spoonful of jelly beans instead. Then make things tricky by setting up a basket of beans. To win, they have to make multiple trips and empty their spoon’s entire contents into the basket.

easter games for kids rabbit ear ring toss

16. Bunny Rabbit Ears Ring Toss

Ages 3+

Another indoor/outdoor competition—all parents have to do is inflate the ears and rings, then sit back and watch.

easter games for kids blind jelly bean tasting
Westend61/Getty Images

17. Jelly Bean Taste Test

Ages 3+

How well do the kids really know their Easter candy? Put their knowledge to the test with a batch of gourmet jelly beans (in flavors such as watermelon and buttered popcorn), then blindfold them and have them guess what they’re eating.

easter games for kids jumping jack

18. Jumping Jack

Ages 3+

The task: Pick carrots from Jumping Jack’s garden. But take his favorite one and—uh oh—Jack will jump for it. The job of the players? Be the one to catch him first.

easter games for kids peeps game

19. Peep-eating Race

Ages 5+

These marshmallow treats are an Easter favorite, so why not hang them from strings attached to the ceiling and have the kids race to see who can eat their Peep the fastest? (No hands allowed.)

easter games for kids easter bonnet game
Getty Images

20. Easter Bonnet Hot Potato

Ages 5+

A nod to hot potato, this game has kids sitting together in a circle and passing the bonnet from one person’s head to the next. When the music stops, whoever is wearing the bonnet is out. The sillier the bonnet, the funnier the game.

would you rather easter edition
Try Not to Laugh Challenge Group

21. Would You Rather? The Easter Edition

Ages 4+

You can buy the book—or make up your own version—but the goal is to come up with either/or questions that prompt your kids to share their silly, Easter-themed take. (Think: Would you rather eat a giant chocolate bunny in 30 seconds…or an entire XL bag of jelly beans?)

easter eggs
Huizeng Hu/Getty Images

22. Egg Towers

Ages 5+

You’ll need to gather toilet paper rolls and raw eggs for this challenge, then break into teams to see who can reach the highest height by alternating TP roll, egg, TP roll, egg. (It’s less wasteful if you hard-boil the eggs first, but the stakes are higher if the eggs are raw.)

easter egg calendar
Olga Efimova/Getty Images

23. Easter Advent Calendar

Ages 2+

This creative idea from Squirrelly Minds recommends filling each egg in the advent calendar countdown with a fun activity you can do as a fam. (Hey, they get plenty of chocolate on the actual day, right?)

little girl coloring books
Cavan Images/Getty Images

24. Print-on-demand Coloring Pages

Ages 1+

It seems so simple but this is one activity that can occupy your kids (especially the younger set) for hours. Pick up a coloring book at your local dollar store or print your own pages from free websites like

kids picking up easter eggs
Allen Donikowski/Getty Images

25. Easter Egg Basket Toss

Ages 2+

Speaking of the younger set, inviting them to see how many plastic eggs they can throw into a basket is a way to include them in a competition, but one that’s more suitable for their abilities. (Have one of the older kids keep score.)

bunny hop
Educational Insights

26. Bunny Hop Memory Game

Ages 4+

Bunnies are eating all of the carrots in this hilarious game that teaches both color recognition and helps enhance memory skills.

kid doing puzzles
Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images

27. Easter Egg Puzzle Challenge

Ages 4+

Use the plastic eggs you already have and pick up a new Easter puzzle or two. Place each puzzle piece inside a plastic egg and hide them around your house. The challenge: Find all the eggs, collect all the pieces and finally put together the puzzle. Game on.

jelly beans color matching
Sarah Saratonina/Getty Images

28. Jelly Bean Color Match

Ages 2+

Before you give your kids a bowl of jelly beans to devour, use markers or construction paper to create squares with similar colors. Their assignment? Find the match.

easter charades
Catalog Favorites

29. Easter Charades

Ages 5+

Play a round—or more—of this classic game where family members will have to guess the Easter-themed toy, movie or tradition you’re acting out.

you ve been egged
Cavan Images/Getty Images

30. ‘you’ve Been Egged’

Ages 0+

Enlist the whole fam to discreetly hide a bunch of Easter eggs filled with candy or treats in your neighbor’s yard. Then, leave a note on the mailbox: “You’ve been egged!”

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