45 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas You Haven’t Tried Before

Everyone knows that Easter egg hunts are the highlight of the holiday. Still, an exceptional hide-and-hunt isn’t easy to pull off. Too hard, too easy, too cut-throat—there’s plenty to consider, but perhaps the worst outcome of all is a yearly Easter egg hunt that has grown tiresome. That’s why we rounded up a slew of fresh and exciting Easter egg hunt ideas, so you can provide plenty of entertainment for the young people in your life. And if you need more ideas for the day, how about DIY-ing one of these creative Easter basket ideas? Trying to cut back on sweets? Check out our roundup of non-candy Easter basket treats for kids of all ages. Whatever you do, don’t forget to stock the house with copious amounts of Easter candy.

30 Easter Games for Kids That Will Keep the Whole Family Occupied

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Six white eggs are laid out on a dark surface all decorated with transfer images from the film, Sing.
One Little Project

1. Image Transfer Easter Eggs

This neat image transfer craft works with just about any image, making it an excellent way to personalize your kid’s Easter egg hunt with a theme that reflects their personal taste. Hint: The Encanto fanatic in your life will be thrilled to collect eggs that have been decorated with the complete cast of characters.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young family of color sits on porch steps chatting and looking at Easter eggs. There is a mother, a son and a daughter.

2. Picture Clue Egg Hunt

Remember that year you stayed up late writing clever limerick clues for your preschooler’s Easter egg hunt, only to realize the next morning the idea would’ve worked better with a bigger kid? Well, friends, this picture clue egg hunt is a genius workaround that the little kid crowd will thank you for.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Pastel pieces of paper decorated with instructions for an Easter egg hunt.
Happiness is Homemade

3. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Speaking of clever clues—it turns out you don’t even have to write your own. Check out this free printable, which features clues that lead to hiding places all homes have in common (think: the bathroom sink or the refrigerator) for an exciting egg hunt that’s as easy as pie.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter eggs dyed and decorated with purple and black dye as well as glitter to resemble a galaxy. They all sit on a white plate on top of a white background.
One Little Project

4. DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs

Skip the standard plastic eggs (and the candy) and opt for an artsier egg hunt instead. You don’t need to be the next Van Gogh to pull off this starry night—a few bottles of nail polish and some silver glitter are all you’ll need—and the end result will amaze kids of all ages.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A pink basket, a Easter cellophane wrapped candy bag and a letter on white paper written in pink ink.
Science Sparks

5. Decode the Clue Easter Egg Hunt

The code you use for this clever egg hunt will depend on the age and ability of your child, but no matter how you design the clues, the decoding element guarantees a harder egg hunt. (Hey, you want your kid to really work for that candy, right?)

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A stuffed green bunny and orange carrot on a dark wooden surface with dyed eggs around them.
Kid Friendly Things to Do

6. Easter Egg Bowling

Set your kids up with Easter egg bowling (i.e., bocce ball with a festive twist) to extend the fun once all the eggs have been found. All you need are several colorful or decorated eggs, plus one white egg (not raw) and you’re ready to play the game.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Three yarn shaped eggs filled with candy on a white background.
One Little Project

7. DIY Yarn Eggs

Easter eggs get a whole new look in this easy and kid-friendly craft, which involves wrapping a candy-filled balloon with yarn to create egg-shaped nests. It’s hard to say whether kids will have more fun making these or hunting them down once the Easter Bunny hides them away.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Dyed Easter eggs wrapped in ribbon hanging from a tree with thin branches in front of a white background.
The House that Lars Built

8. Easter Egg Tree Hunt

Three cheers for an Easter craft that you won’t mind displaying in the middle of your living room. Or, if the weather permits, do the same to a couple of outdoor trees to keep bigger kids on their toes (literally).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Plastic Easter eggs filled with snacks like gold fish, gummies and more as well as small pieces of paper with Simon Says commands on them.
Alice and Lois

9. ‘Easter Bunny Says’ Egg Hunt

This game is just like Simon Says, but with a bunny-eared twist. Simply use the free printable to turn the average egg hunt into an even more energetic and interactive experience full of fun suggestions and activities. Plus, it also ensures your kid will get some exercise before putting away all those Easter basket goodies.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young white girl and a young white woman are in a grassy field holding Easter eggs. They both have on bunny ears. The girl has a basket of eggs next to her.
FluxFactory/Getty Images

10. Egg Counting And Number Game

Counting, number identification and basic math get a boost from this Easter egg hunt idea for little kids, which involves using numbered index cards to determine the number of eggs your kid can collect per round. For an extra challenge, lay out the cards your child has chosen after each round and ask her if she can figure out how many eggs are in her basket without counting them before she draws again.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Tow young white children laugh and smile while they pull down on pastel colored egg shaped poppers hanging from a tree.
Studio DIY

11. DIY Egg Popper Tree

Part Easter egg hunt, part piñata—these hanging, candy-filled egg poppers are guaranteed to excite big and little kids alike. Best of all, precious few materials are required to prepare this activity and start Easter off with a bang.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter eggs and popsicle sticks with paper bunnies with sayings on them on a white background.
Over the Big Moon

12. Easter Egg Hunt Printable Hints

Watching little kids hunt for Easter eggs—much like watching them play hide and seek—is both entertaining and excruciating. (Let’s be honest, your young child is really bad at looking for things.) Do something generous this Easter and give your child a leg up on the activity with these printable hints.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - An Easter basket and Easter eggs made of paper on a marbled background. The craft project is also surrounded by green paper confetti and plastic Easter eggs. There are also potatoes covered in paint used to make the craft project.
The Best Ideas for Kids

13. Kid-crafted Easter Egg Hunt

Children will enjoy this simple hands-on craft, which comes together with only a few budget-friendly materials and produces both a basket and a collection of sparkly cardstock eggs to go inside.

14. Easter Egg Balloons

Combine two of your kid’s favorite things (balloons and chocolate) in this sweet Easter egg hunt idea. They’ll love the colorful surprise waiting for them in the backyard (or in your living room), and you’ll love how easy this one is to throw together. Win-win.

15. Easter Advent Calendar Hunt

Why limit the treat-finding fun to a single day when you can stretch it out for a full week? This unique idea involves hiding seven candy-filled goody bags, so kids can start counting down to the main event with a mini hunt every day.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Two young Black children lay on their stomachs in the grass looking at Easter eggs and putting them into a pile. They are in front of a stone house on a sunny day.
SolStock/Getty Images

16. Find Your Name Easter Egg Hunt

Stop sibling rivalry in its (bunny) tracks and avoid the dreaded he-found-more-than-me meltdown with an Easter egg hunt that requires each kid to find only the eggs needed to spell out their own name. Hint: This works best if the kids in your brood have names of roughly equivalent length (alternatively, you can get creative with middle names and initials to even the playing field).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Egg shaped fizzy bombs of various colors in an egg carton. This is placed on a white background.
Fun at Home with Kids

17. Magic Easter Egg Hunt

They might not be filled with candy, but these foaming and fizzing Easter eggs definitely don’t disappoint. In fact, they promise to provide plenty of excitement and hands-on engagement after the main egg hunt event.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young child with dark hair sits on the ground looking at a treasure map written in red ink.
Christopher Kimmel/Alpine Edge Photography/Getty Images

17. Easter Egg Treasure Map

A hand-drawn treasure map not only adds adventure to a typical Easter egg hunt, but an element of literacy to boot. This Easter egg hunt is also completely customizable: You can choose to stick to pictures or include simple sentences (depending on the age of your child) and there are multiple ways to create an extended search before your child reaches the loot.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Various piles of Easter eggs in different colors sitting in matching colored buckets.
Sew Many Ways

18. Color-coded Egg Hunt

Not only does this color-coded egg hunt boast an educational element for little kids, it’s also an ideal approach when you want to ensure a fair and balanced game for a group. Assign each child a color, give them a corresponding basket and watch as everyone gets in on the fun without duking it out.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Glittery Easter eggs with pieces of paper inside indicating different rewards inside. Some eggs are inside a white lacy tin.
Over the Big Moon

19. Easter Egg Privilege Cards

There’s plenty of candy in that Easter basket...but what about the other rewards your kid hounds you for on the regular? This Easter egg hunt covers all the bases, so your kid can earn a little extra screen time or a get-out-of-clean-up card—a pretty sweet way to wash down that chocolate bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Different plastic Easter eggs broken in half. Each has a puzzle piece inside of it. They are all on a wooden surface.
Make the Best of Everything

20. Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt

This incredibly cool egg hunt begins with a puzzle and ends with an Easter basket grand prize. Simply score a blank puzzle set and marvel at the genius of this Easter activity, which boasts a skill-boosting component and delayed gratification in the candy department, too.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Plastic Easter eggs of various colors in a red bucket.
Happy Go Lucky

21. Kool-Aid Playdough Eggs

Turns out Kool-Aid is the secret ingredient for homemade playdough that looks and smells amazing. Stuff some of this molding medium into each Easter egg and you can rest assured your kids hands will stay busy well after every egg has been found.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young girl with slightly tan skin sits in a grassy field holding onto an Easter egg, surrounded by more eggs. She wears a pink and white striped top and blue pants and doesn't have shoes on.
Priscilla Gragg/Getty Images

22. Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for a clever trick to play on a toddler? Turn the Easter egg hunt ritual on its head and have your tot fill her own eggs with household knick-knacks or whatever nature has to offer. We promise your little one won’t be mad about the opportunity to explore—and you’ll be happy when naptime happens without a hitch (i.e., sugar high).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young white girl wears a purple shirt and holds onto a egg painted with purple, pink, green and blue paint.
Fun at Home with Kids

23. Giant Easter Egg Hunt

The only thing cooler than an Easter egg hunt for kids is a super-sized one: Craft these giant plaster eggs with your child for some pre-holiday fun or make them solo for an unforgettable Easter surprise (and some ‘hidden’ material that doesn’t take too long to find).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A paper featuring the letters of the alphabet, some physical letters of the alphabet and various colored and patterned Easter eggs all on a white background.

24. Alphabet Egg Hunt

Learning the ABCs is a lot more fun with this interactive Easter egg hunt that gets little kids running in all directions—checklist in hand—until they find every egg of the alphabet.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Various wooden Easter eggs painted with an array of colors.
Rhythms of Play

25. Eco-friendly Wooden Egg Hunt

Try your hand at making these gorgeous wooden eggs, which can be made with nothing more than watercolor paints and a pencil to outline your designs. Best of all, these eco-friendly eggs will last for many Easter celebrations to come.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Little egg shaped chicks sit on a green and white polka dot background. There are also three pieces of paper decorated with Easter eggs and clues to find the next eggs.
Mas and Pas

26. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Another Easter egg hunt for when the weather doesn’t cooperate, this indoor hunt comes with free printable clues. Use these clues on their own or combine them with another printable from the list to extend the fun.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A white cake on a white cake stand decorated with floral and grass motifs. It all sits on a green and white surface against a white wall.
Studio DIY

27. Easter Egg Cake Hunt

Cardstock eggs are hidden behind patches of grass on top of a beautiful white Easter cake. OK, this miniature egg hunt doesn’t present much of a challenge but it’s a pretty sweet substitute for a real egg hunt (and every bit as Insta-worthy).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Three Easter eggs, all marble dyed. From left to right: purple, blue and pink sit on a tray with divots for the eggs to rest in.
Happiness is Homemade

28. Marbled Easter Eggs

Set your child up with a roasting pan, acrylic paint and some wooden eggs for an egg-decorating project that’s completely kid-friendly, easy to clean up, and produces a finished product—colorful, marbled eggs—that’s way cooler than anything you can create with a store-bought decorating kit.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Scratch off Easter joke cards, quarters, and plastic eggs on a white background.
Persia Lou

29. Egg Hunt Joke Cards

Inject a little humor into this year’s egg hunt by tucking these scratch-off printable joke cards into each hidden egg along with a quarter (so your kid can read the punchline before putting the prize into his piggy bank). This one’s creative, entertaining and way healthier than candy.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Two egg cartons, one pink and one blue, holding various pink, green, blue and teal eggs. There are pink rabbit footprints running through the photo.
Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty Images

30. Easter Bunny Trail

You know how excited your kid is when the cookies left out for Santa have been eaten overnight? Well, the same principle applies here. Set up this bunny trail and your kids will be giddy to see evidence that the Easter bunny really came. Bonus: This trail will also offer little kids considerable help with the hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A blue egg painted to say Katie in yellow paint. It features a pink flower and sits on a pile of fake grass on a plate.
Skip to My Lou

31. Chalkboard Painted Easter Eggs

The possibilities are endless with these chalkboard-painted eggs: Decorate them with simple designs, personalize them with your child’s name or, better yet, write a letter on each one for a clue that spells-out the Easter basket’s location.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Various Easter eggs and green confetti along with pieces of Legos.
Productive Pete

32. Lego Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter egg hunt features an unexpected prize—a new Lego set that, once the hunt is complete and all the pieces found, will entertain your child for hours. If you’re the parent of a Lego lover, this one will buttress your kid’s belief in the Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young boy of color rests his elbows on a surface while looking at his phone. There are bunnies and presents shaped like eggs wrapped up in front of his. He is smiling. He also wears glasses and wears a white shirt.
MesquitaFMS/Getty Images

33. Smartphone Egg Hunt

Introduce a smartphone to this year’s Easter egg hunt and we promise it will get your teen back on board. This hunt follows the same formula as a traditional egg hunt, but with QR codes that must be scanned to reveal the clues. Cool, right?

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Two tote bags, one pink and one white decorated to look like bunnies. There's a black and white phone case as well as a checklist for things to take photos of. It's all on a wooden surface.
Tatertots and Jello

34. Photo Scavenger Easter Hunt

Another great option for teens and older kids, this scavenger hunt will keep little bunnies busy scouring the neighborhood for clues, collecting eggs and documenting their success with photos and a printable checklist. Try this one when it’s time to take your traditional egg hunt up a notch (or several).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter eggs dyed rainbow on a matching rainbow background.
One Little Project

35. Tie-dye Easter Egg Hunt

This satisfying and simple tie-dye project is an egg decorating craft you can easily do with a kid, and the payoff—colorful Easter eggs with serious visual appeal—is pretty groovy. Pro tip: Be sure to hide these ones well, because they definitely stand out.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter eggs decorated with colored tissue paper to look like piñata. They are filled with M&Ms. They are yellow, pink and orange. Everything is on a white surface.
Lovely Indeed

36. DIY Piñata Easter Eggs

Give those store-bought plastic eggs a festive new look with this simple and oh-so clever DIY. The craft requires little more than crepe paper streamers and mod podge, and the resulting piñata eggs deliver just as much candy-filled fun as the real thing, but without any tiny people wielding sticks.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Pieces of an egg carton decorated to look like Easter bunnies filled with candy. They each have white ears and sit on a marbled surface and are up against a white background.
the best ideas for kids

37. Egg Carton Bunny Hunt

Make this year’s Easter egg hunt a little more eco-friendly by replacing plastic eggs with these adorable egg carton bunnies. This kid-friendly craft is a breeze to pull off and the bunny ears on these ‘eggs’ make them just a little bit easier for young kids to find, too.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter eggs and other bits and bobs glowing under a black light.
a pumpkin and a princess

38. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

An egg hunt that goes down after dark is sure to deliver extra thrills for the whole family. When it comes to turning ordinary easter eggs into nightlights, you’ve got options. Check out the tutorial for three easy ways to make glow-in-the-dark eggs. (Psst: One method simply involves stuffing a glow stick inside ‘em.)

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young child wearing black sandals leaning over onto a dry field into a pile of colorful Easter eggs.
getty images

39. Easter Egg Hunt Relay Race

For larger groups (or broods), a relay race is an easy way to add extra excitement to an Easter egg hunt. It works the same as any other relay race: Participants split up into two teams and the first person from each team hunts down an egg and returns to tag the next in line to do the same. The race ends and a winner is declared as soon as one team finds a specified number of eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - A young person with white skin holds up a shiny gold Easter egg. They are sitting on their heels and wearing a blue top and yellow bottoms.
getty images

40. Golden Egg Hunt

A golden egg hunt is just like a regular egg hunt, except a) one of the hidden eggs has been painted gold and b) everyone must channel Veruca Salt in a frantic race to find it first. Of course, all the other eggs will be collected in the process—they’re still treat-filled treasures, after all—but the person who finds the coveted (and ideally very well-hidden) golden egg gets an extra special prize.

41. Cactus Easter Egg Hunt

These quirky and adorable cactus eggs will blend in with the landscaping like nobody’s business. Best of all, you don’t need anything but a bit of green dye and a black marker to pull off this southwestern-style egg hunt.

42. Sidewalk Chalk Egg Hunt

Plaster of Paris, petroleum jelly and tempera paint combine to make colorful eggs that kids can hunt for and then actually use on the sidewalk. If you’re looking for an egg hunt idea that’s both candy and plastic-free, this one is hard to beat (pun intended).

43. Bunny Hideout Egg Hunt

Turn your outdoor space into the Easter Bunny’s stomping (or hopping) grounds with this whimsical DIY project in which craft wood gets an Alice in Wonderland-esque makeover. The project is somewhat involved, but the resulting bunny doors will transform your backyard into a secret garden, whilst providing cover for all those Easter eggs you have to hide. File this one under ‘making holiday magic.’

44. Pipe Cleaner Bunny Hunt

Ridiculously cute and oh-so festive, these pipe cleaner bunny eggs boast the added benefit of being easier to spot during an egg hunt, which means you’ll be able to shake things up with a host of new hiding spots.

45. Numbered Egg Hunt

Presenting the coolest follow-the-clue egg hunt idea ever: These beauties are hollowed out to become clue receptacles that, when found (and smashed open) in numerical order, will lead kids to their basket surprise.

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