12 Lego Storage Ideas That Will Change Your Life (and Save Your Feet)

It’s a parenting rite of passage—stepping on a brightly-colored brick and then trying your best not to scream a four-letter word in front of your child. Enter these genius Lego storage ideas that will keep toys organized and feet intact. Next step: Get the little jerks to tidy up without moaning about it.

13 Little Tricks to Make Your Kid Like Cleaning

Lego 3-piece Organizer Cubes

Each cube fits inside the other and has a clear window so you can see exactly what’s inside—great for kids who like their mini figurines separate from their plates.

kids lego storage cart
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Kids' Craft & Toy Storage Cart

Each kid gets their own tray so there’s no arguing over whose piece belongs to whom. (Well, less arguing.)

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brick case lego storage solution

My Brick Case

So your daughter wants to play with her Legos in the kitchen. And then in the living room. And then in her room. Try this on-the-go storage solution. (Psst...this one’s great for traveling, too.)

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Toy Organizer And Floor Activity Mat

Maybe it’s wishful thinking that your kids will contain their Lego city to a mat but just imagine how much easier cleanup would be if they did.

Lego Storage Heads

Hey, you might as well go all in on the theme.

Lego Activity Table

Kids can play with their bricks on top and then store them below. Genius.

Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

Your child (alright fine, you) can walk around the living room with the bin, picking pieces up before placing it back on the shelf.

Large Lego Storage Drawer

Different color drawers can be stacked on top of each other—just like their mini counterparts.

Bisley Red 5-drawer Cabinet

Chic enough to fit right in with the rest of your living room decor but with plenty of space for all those tiny parts.

Seville Classics 10-drawer Organizer Cart

Now if we were the ones putting our bricks away, we’d totally color-coordinate them according to each drawer. But you know, that’s just us.

24 Plastic Drawer Craft Cart

This one’s for the mega enthusiast.

Lego Storage Activity Table And Chairs

Will this store all of your Legos? Probably not. Does it look adorable? Absolutely.

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