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Fact: Kids are just not fans of cleaning. And can really you blame them? But you needn’t give up, mama: There are ways to make your little one a more eager little helper. Consider these 13 vetted tips from the savviest parents we know.

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kid cleaning tips 2

1. Give your kid single, small directives. Think: “put your leggos back in the basket” rather than “clean your room.”

2. Buy them a cute little toy cleaning supply set. And behold as they make a game out of “mopping” the floor.

3. Never underestimate the power of the cleanup song. Works like magic for the under-three set. 

kid cleaning tips 1

 4. Instate a toy rotation system. The rule: You have to put away one set of toys (e.g., blocks) in order to get more out (e.g., Matchbox cars).

5. Make cleanup time a scheduled part of every day. Say, before dinner or after we get home from preschool. Soon, it’ll feel just like brushing their teeth or reading a bedtime story.

6. Take them to music or art classes where cleanup is a big part of the group activity. Who knew putting egg shakers in a bin could be so much fun?

7. Make it a friendly competition between siblings. Challenge your brood to race to the finish line and see who can get their room in tip-top shape first.

kid cleaning tips 5

8. Put on music they’re obsessed with (hi, Moana soundtrack) and ask them how many songs they’ll need in the queue to finish cleaning.

9. Or join them in a cleanup/dance party hybrid. Hey, if it works for mom...

10. Barter with them by giving them exact numbers to work with. E.g.: "If you put away five things, then we can do XYZ together afterward.”

kid cleaning tips 6

11. Have them help you craft a cleaning chart. And draw pictures of themselves cleaning next to each task.

12. Or a big, pretty chore list. Show us a kid who doesn’t like checking to-dos off as she completes them.

13. Cut them—and yourself—a break.

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