The 22 Best Chocolate Easter Eggs for Hunts, Baskets and More

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If you’re planning on moonlighting as the Easter bunny this year, it’s time to start stockpiling chocolate now. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of all the best chocolate Easter eggs for all your holiday needs, whether you’re in charge of baskets, hunts or gifts. Hop to it!

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best chocolate easter eggs kinder joy chocolate cream eggs with toy

1. Kinder Joy Chocolate Cream Eggs With Toy

You just can’t beat a classic. One half of a Kinder Joy egg contains a sweet cream filling—like vanilla fudge, but silkier—garnished with pleasantly crispy hazelnut bites; the other, a nifty little toy. And with four eggs in each pack, your kiddos are sure to find a treat they love.

best chocolate easter eggs madelaine milk chocolate easter eggs

2. Madelaine Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

These solid bite-sized morsels are made from the finest quality, Swiss-formulated chocolate and wrapped in the prettiest double sided Italian foil. They’re also ideal for filling Easter baskets and plastic eggs alike—just be sure you reserve a handful or two for your secret candy stash. (We know you have one.)

best choclate easter eggs m ms candy in easter eggs

3. M&ms Candy In Easter Eggs

Here, a 12-count box of plastic eggs that have been pre-filled with M&Ms—you know, so the Easter bunny can take a break and the candy-crazed kids will be none the wiser.

best chocolate easter eggs cadbury mini eggs

4. Cadbury Mini Eggs

The prettiest pastel colors, tastiest vanilla-scented sugar shell and creamiest Cadbury milk chocolate—if you’re looking for an egg that can fit inside an egg, these guys check all the boxes. Fair warning, though, they’re downright addictive.

best chocolate easter eggs lindt limited edition pastel mini eggs

5. Lindt Limited Edition Pastel Mini Eggs

Lindt is giving Cadbury a run for its money with their pastel-colored and oh-so melty milk chocolate eggs. Yep, there’s a mini egg competition going down (and clearly you should be the judge).

best chocolate easter eggs cadbury caramel eggs

6. Cadbury Caramel Eggs

The claim that ‘no bunny knows Easter like the Cadbury bunny’ is strongly supported by the ratio of rich milk chocolate and gooey caramel filling found in this indulgent egg.

best chocolate easter eggs reese s pieces shake and break egg

7. Reese’s Pieces Shake And Break Egg

Tuck this shake and break treat into an Easter basket for a surprise that is sure to excite little bunnies everywhere. Bonus: This 42-pack of treats is great for gift bags.

best chocolate easter eggs cadbury flake chocolate egg

8. Cadbury Flake Chocolate Egg

Speaking of candy surprises, this hollow milk chocolate egg is large enough to accommodate three full-size Cadbury Flake bars (i.e., creamy, crumbly chocolate twigs). Needless to say, this bad boy is destined to be an Easter basket centerpiece.

best chocolate easter eggs russell stover dark chocolate coconut creme eggs

9. Russell Stover Dark Chocolate Coconut Creme Eggs

Russell Stover is the darling of the drugstore candy scene at practically every holiday, and Easter is no exception. Here, a longstanding seasonal favorite featuring the classic combination of rich milk chocolate and creamy coconut. Comes in a pack of 36 individually wrapped eggs.

best chocolate easter eggs oreo creme filled eggs

10. Oreo Creme Filled Eggs

A true crowd-pleaser—these milk chocolate eggs boast a smooth cream filling with bits of the namesake cookie.

best chocolate easter eggs russell stover marshmallow and milk chocolate eggs

11. Russell Stover Marshmallow And Milk Chocolate Eggs

Another classic combination courtesy of Russell Stover, these fluffy marshmallow and milk chocolate eggs are basically begging to be sandwiched between a graham cracker. And with 36 treats in each order, you’ll have enough eggs for your own little bunnies and all their friends, too.

best chocolate easter eggs reese s peanut butter cup eggs

12. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs

A holiday riff on a classic that’s sure to please fans of the Reese’s peanut butter cup (and anyone looking for an individually wrapped candy to contribute to their kid’s classroom Easter party).

best chocolate easter eggs painted chocolate eggs

13. Painted Chocolate Eggs

The only thing better than eating chocolate eggs? Painting them first! Each set from this gourmet chocolatier includes three chocolate ink pens and six painted chocolate eggs in delicious flavors like cake batter, salted caramel and concord grape.

best chocolate easter eggs cadbury creme eggs

14. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Chances are you’re no stranger to the Cadbury creme egg—but just in case, allow us to fill you in. This Easter staple consists of soft milk chocolate and an insanely sweet and creamy fondant center. We’re pretty pleased that this tasty treat comes in a 48-pack (but, um, maybe book an appointment with your dentist?).

best chocolate easter eggs hershey s chocolate and white creme egg assortment

15. Hershey’s Chocolate And White Creme Egg Assortment

Unless you’re buying Easter candy solely for your own consumption (no judgment), it’s best to cover all the bases with an assortment of white and milk chocolate eggs that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

best chocolate easter eggs ferrero rocher eggs

16. Ferrero Rocher Eggs

Ferrero Rocher got a new look for Easter and we’re not mad about it. Because who wouldn’t want to indulge in a dreamy chocolate with delectable hazelnut cream filling and a fancy-looking gold foil wrapper?

best chocolate easter eggs whoppers robin eggs

17. Whoppers Robin Eggs

A flecked candy shell and egg shape gives these malted milk balls plenty of holiday appeal—but, truth be told, we’re fans of their sweet, nutty taste and satisfying crunch all year round.

best chocolate easter eggs terry s chocolate orange large easter egg

18. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Large Easter Egg

The same citrus-spiked milk chocolate and nifty concept of the chocolate oranges you might remember breaking open in your youth, but with a festive Easter egg design.

best chocolate easter eggs nestle milkybar mini eggs

19. Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs

White chocolate inside a crispy sugar shell—we like these morsels best when baked into an Easter Blondie, but they go down easy on their own as well.

best chocolate easter eggs nestle kitkat hide me easter eggs

20. Nestle Kitkat Hide Me Easter Eggs

These individually wrapped eggs consist of creamy chocolate filling, crispy wafer bits and a rich milk chocolate shell. Hide ‘em for an egg hunt, use them as an Easter basket filler, or eat them straight out of the bag—you have options.

best chocolate easter eggs tootsie roll eggs

21. Tootsie Roll Eggs

Is it still a tootsie roll if it’s shaped like an egg? Not sure, and we don’t really care—these chewy, candy-coated treats taste a lot like the original and are just the right size for stuffing into Easter eggs.

best chocolate easter eggs smarties egg

22. Smarties Egg

A smooth milk chocolate egg filled with Smarties—the colorful, crunchy candies our friends across the pond prefer to M&Ms (and they’re not wrong).

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