If you’re itching to decorate this spring, you’re not alone. And what better way to will warmer weather into existence than by adding a spring-appropriate wreath to your front door? From poppy-colored florals to earth-toned branches, these 30 spring wreaths will liven up your door and get you psyched for the season ahead.

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1. Hello Wreath

This elegant wreath of natural grapevine and green hydrangea heralds the much-awaited change of seasons. Hang it on your door as a warm invitation to the spring, as well as any houseguest who might brighten your doorstep.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Dogwood Wreath

A generously sized wreath with a dainty aesthetic—this beauty is adorned with delicate pastel blossoms that are oh-so pretty. Best of all, this statement piece is durable, too: One reviewer raves that it has held up for six years, which is excellent news if the spring forecast is often fickle where you live.

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3. Rose Wreath

Roses are a great way to transition from winter to spring: After all, February is the month of love. In other words, if you hang this wreath up for Valentine’s Day, it will have you covered for months to come.

$45 at Amazon


4. Wispy Wildflower Wreath

Daisy chains and flower fairies come to mind when we look at this rustic floral wreath. Find a prominent spot in your entryway for this one, so you can appreciate its charming handmade look whenever you come or go.

Buy it ($46)


5. Heart Wreath

This understated heart-shaped wreath is yet another example of Valentine’s Day decor that will last you well into spring. If you like flowers, hearts and everything sweet, you should snag this one up ASAP.

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6. Tulip Wreath

Whether you hang it indoors or out on the porch, the vibrant poppy-colored tulips and full body of this versatile wreath are sure to make a dramatic impression. Plus, the color palette gives off so much warm-weather energy, we’re pretty sure this one might actually make spring come sooner.

$19 at Amazon

Bed Bath and Beyond

7. Pops of Yellow Wreath

OK, so you like florals, but not too much—and you’re not feeling traditional wreaths. This style features a mix of flowers, buds and cotton, skewing rustic without going too folksy-country. In other words, if you want to steer clear of springtime overkill, this wreath might be your best bet.

Buy it ($36)


8. Pip and Twig Wreath

Pip and twig (say it with us) sound like they belong together...and indeed they do. The proof is in this large (22-inch) wreath—a wooden starburst beauty, sprinkled with bitty ivory flower buds, that looks as good on a front door as it does indoors.

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9. Forsythia Flower Wreath

Forsythias are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, making them a fitting choice for your front door decor. We love the cheerful, yet minimalist look of the yellow flowers and bright green leaves on this wreath.

Buy it ($25)


10. Lavender Wreath

Berry clusters and vivid lavender pop among a tangle of long-stemmed leafy greens on this beautiful, and surprisingly realistic, wreath. Hang this one inside or on your front door (if you have a covered porch) for a touch of picked-from-the-garden charm.

Buy it ($24)


11. Boxwood Wreath

Bright and lush green foliage outfit this Boxwood wreath for a no-frills appearance that makes a bold spring statement nevertheless—an excellent option if you’re trying to steer clear of extravagant floral decor. Best of all, this one is durable enough for outdoor use and boasts ultraviolet protection to prevent fading, so you enjoy it for years to come.

Buy it ($18)


12. Eucalyptus Wreath

Another durable and fade-proof piece of decor, this eucalyptus wreath features an abundance of dark green leaves and delicate white flowers. (No bald spots here.) Eucalyptus is understated and timeless, and quite frankly, we’re obsessed with its simple elegance.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

13. Olive Wreath

It’s actually mind-blowing how realistic these olive leaves look. This delicious wreath is the next best thing to basking in the sun on a Greek island this spring—and it’s just the right size to hang indoors, where it belongs.

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14. Butterfly Wreath

The ultra-feminine look of butterflies and brightly-colored flowers is offset by a background of bristle twigs for a well-balanced wreath bursting with spring energy. Use this one in a covered outdoor location or as indoor decor.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

15. Floral and Grapevine Branch Wreath

The concentration of brightly colored blossoms at the bottom of this wreath brings to mind a fresh-cut bouquet, and we love the lattice-like weave of the grapevine branches. (Sometimes a little negative space is a positive thing.) Plus, the little bird in its nest is downright adorable.

Buy it ($68)

Bed Bath & Beyond

16. Sunny Day Wreath

Sunshine-yellow spring flowers and lilac stand out amid a swirling background of berry clusters and greenery on this full-bodied and colorful wreath. This one is sure to make a dramatic first impression this spring—and, best of all, the inclusion of sunflowers gives it summer appeal to boot.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

17. Dahlia and Hydrangea Wreath

A creamy and dreamy combination of dahlia and hydrangea gives this wreath a soft and elegant look that will make you swoon. Plus, its substantial (22-inch) size guarantees that this class act will catch the eye wherever it's hung.

Buy it ($105)


18. Cherry Blossom Wreath

Nothing says spring quite like the singular beauty of a fragrant cherry tree in bloom. Bring a little of that seasonal magic to your doorstep with this wreath, which boasts a romantic melange of elegant green eucalyptus leaves and delicate pink cherry blossoms, in shades both pale and bright.

$34 at Amazon


19. Silk Blossom Wreath

If you want some serious eye candy for your front door, this whimsical color explosion will definitely do the trick. (Seriously, if Disneyland were a floral wreath, it would be this one.) Give this wreath as an Easter gift or keep it for yourself so you can enjoy its lavish look all spring long.

$80 at Amazon


20. Aster Daisy Wreath

This wreath isn’t as dense or large as some of the others, but we’re on board with its sparse beauty and understated size. Hang this 12-inch number inside for a wistful spring vibe that’s 100 percent pretty in pink.

$16 at Amazon


21. Rustic Grapevine Wreath

Lush, green and with just the right amount of floral—this gorgeous silk wreath is rustic femininity done right (and possibly the work of forest sprites). Hang it inside or in a covered outdoor area where it won’t get wet for a touch of true romance.

$66 at Amazon


22. Magnolia Wreath

Pristine white magnolias dominate this generously-sized (22-inch) indoor wreath, while large deep green leaves ensure they don’t end up being wallflowers. Simple and fresh, this attractive piece will play nicely with any decor.

Buy it ($78)


23. Daisy and Honeysuckle Wreath

A sweet and playful floral arrangement of cheerful white daisies and romantic honeysuckle sit atop a bed of richly-hued greenery on this lifelike wreath, which clocks in at a whopping 26-inches. Hang this statement piece indoors or outdoors—either way it will be hard to miss.

Buy it ($56)


24. Easter Egg Wreath

Gold leaf and pastel-colored eggs create an aesthetic that looks good enough to eat. (Anyone else suddenly craving Cadbury mini eggs?) Indeed, this wreath is easy on the eyes, full of spring cheer and definitely Easter bunny-approved.

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25. Grass Bunny Wreath

Go full-blown Easter with this adorable brown bunny wreath. We love the moss-covered twigs and the picture frame shape—and its unassuming (10-inch) size makes this piece ideal for use as a sweet decorative touch inside the home. Bonus: This wreath has year-long appeal when hung in a nursery or child’s bedroom.

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26. Wood and Yellow Flower Wreath

Bright yellow billy balls spring from a bed of multi-textured, dark green foliage to achieve a playful effect that’s sure to lift your spirits. Hang this one on your front door for a happy-go-lucky look that suits the season and spreads the cheer.

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27. Cotton Wreath

Not your run-of-the-mill spring wreath, this one replaces lavish florals with understated cotton and rattan. The end result is a decorative piece that boasts lots of textural interest, a full appearance and a versatile aesthetic that can see you through all four seasons.

$17 at Amazon


28. Pip Berry and Grass Wreath

Did we mention that we’re big fans of pip berries? Here, their dainty appearance pairs particularly well with a tangle of wild grass. Vibrant and realistic, this wreath has a certain je ne sais quoi that will lend charm to any space.

$24 at Amazon


29. Birch and Berry Wreath

Mix things up with a spring wreath that features a darker palette, like this birch and berry number. The eye-catching clusters of lustrous black berries look lovely against faux birch twigs, giving this understated wreath a refreshingly natural appearance.

Buy it ($79)


30. Wood Shaving Wreath

Wood shaving flowers set against dark green foliage give this simple spring wreath the look of a mixed-media work of art. Sweet, rustic and innocent—this piece of decor is sure to get more than a cursory glance from guests.

Buy it ($47)

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