The 25 Best Cleaning Products We’ve Seen (and Obsessed Over) on TikTok This Spring

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TikTok has gotten us to do all kinds of things we’ve never imagined we’d do: relive our Y2K-era beauty routine, make pancake cereal, and now, actually look forward to cleaning. No, seriously. #Cleantok videos have compiled 33.8 billion views and climbing, as people everywhere seem to be gleaning a strange satisfaction from seeing what was once grimy start to sparkle. After a deep dive down that rabbit hole—and testing several of the most-lauded cleaning options—we’ve found 25 that will be powerful and efficient enough to make our list of the best cleaning products of 2022. And not a moment too soon, either: They're just in time for all of your spring chores. Because why play spectator to someone else’s sparkling floors when they could belong to you?

How to Dispose of Cleaning Products

The best way to get rid of cleaning products is by using them up, but many household products can also be safely poured down the drain. Still, you should always read a product's label first to be sure. (Products containing triclosan, for instance, should not be dumped down the drain, and powdered cleaners may pose the risk of a clog.) Empty packets? Toss them in the recycling if you can.

Common Cleaning Product Ingredients

  • Abrasives: Usually found in powders and scrubbing pads, these materials work by rubbing dirt off with their coarse texture. They're great for stubborn stains, but can often be harsh on surfaces.
  • Acids: Ranging from mild to strong, acids are great for removing rust stains and cleaning glassware. However, they can be irritating to the skin and your paint, finishes and sometimes even metals if they're too strong.
  • Alkalines: Also ranging from mild to strong, alkalines are salts that are great for removing grease and oil without intense rubbing. But be careful, as many can be toxic—especially the stronger kinds.

The Best Cleaning Products at a Glance

The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaners

The Best Pet Cleaners

The Best Disinfectants

The Best Miscellaneous Cleaners

The Best Multi-purpose Cleaners

best cleaning products pink

1. The Pink Stuff

Best Stain Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Lives up to the hype, natural ingredients

This vegetable oil-based scrub contains baking soda and quartz, giving it just enough grit to tackle caked-on grime without eroding surfaces. People swear by it to remove baked-on grease and rust from pots and pans and erase scuffs from walls, shoes and tile floors—including our own audience development strategist, Ali Brown, who said it not only immediately got a mark out of a pan that she'd been working at for weeks, it smelled a whole lot better than other products she'd tried. See it in action here.

best cleaning products mrs meyers

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Multi-surface Cleaner

Most Eco-Friendly Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Recyclable, refillable bottle

Not only does this product come in lots of fresh and original scents (we prefer lavender for its soothing nature), but the naturally derived, vegan formula is surprisingly effective at removing glommed-on messes. It isn't tested on animals and it's packaged in a recyclable (and refillable!) bottle. Better yet, it's got an ECOLOGO certification, which means it has cut down on the environmental impact of one or more of its product lifecycle states. We can practically hear Mother Nature breathing a nice, big sigh of relief now!

best cleaning products safely

3. Safely Clean Freak Kit

Best Cleaning Kit

  • Why We Love It: Smells like wildflowers, tough on stains

Kid going off to college? Friend moving into a new home? Stock their cabinets with a full set of effective, plant-based cleaning essentials. This set of six must-haves from Safely—owned by the likes of Kris Jenner and Good American CEO Emma Grede—includes the brand's hero product, the Universal Cleaner, which is great for wiping down counters or spot-treating smudges on floors, as well as a glass cleaner, a laundry detergent, a hand sanitizer, hand soap and hand lotion for a little self-care after all that scrubbing. We're particularly fond of the detergent, which is tough on stains and has a floral scent that we look forward to washing with.

best cleaning products method

4. Method All-purpose Cleaning Wipes

Best Cleaning Wipes

  • Why We Love It: Plant-based ingredients, compostable

Method uses a proprietary Powergreen technology to clean up messes. Basically, this means environmentally friendly, nontoxic ingredients that are derived through chemistry. Its wipes are compostable at municipal facilities (not in your backyard, unfortunately) and the cleaning agents in the formula are plant-based.

best cleaning products carbona

5. Carbona Pro Care Oxy-powered Outdoor Cleaner

Best Furniture Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Built-in scrub brush, biodegradable

Spring has finally arrived, which means you'll soon be spending more time in your backyard...which means you'll soon be noticing just how freaking fast your furniture starts looking muddy and moldy. That’s where Carbona’s outdoor cleaner comes in: The dispensing top features a built-in scrubbing brush, so you can easily spot-treat stains, mildew and even bird poop. Plus, it works on everything from outdoor rugs and cushions to window awnings and wood and rattan furniture.

cleaning puracy

6. Puracy Multi-purpose Cleaner

Best Organic Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic

This vegan and cruelty-free all-purpose cleaner will be suitable for nearly any surface of your home thanks to its plant-based formula containing organic lemongrass. If that wasn't appealing enough, it's also gluten-free, comes in an environmentally-friendly biodegradable bottle and is hypoallergenic, so you can achieve a spotless home without worrying about breaking out in a rash caused by harsh chemicals.

cleaning earth brite

7. Earth Brite Clay Cleaner

Best Natural Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Included scrubbing sponge, non-toxic

Dirt won't stand a chance against this white clay cleanser that is made with 100 percent natural and non-toxic ingredients. It works on practically every surface you can think of, reportedly without leaving streaks. It comes with its own little scrubbing brush and it's got a light, fresh citrus scent that Amazon shoppers say is not overwhelming. It's also cruelty-free for animal lovers.

The Best Pet Cleaners

best cleaning products bissell

8. Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner

Best Carpet Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Easy to use, helps pets in need

Stained carpets, couches and car seats are no match for the little portable cleaner that's gone viral on TikTok. All you have to do is fill its 48-ounce tank with water and the Spot and Stain cleaning formula, then grab the suction handle and start swiping your upholstery and rugs. Seeing the trail of brighter, lighter fabric after each pass will both delight you and make you question your hygiene—but we think it's totally worth the "ew" factor. It comes with multiple tools, including a self-cleaning hose tool, and, as an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to help save pets in need through the Bissell Pets Foundation.

best cleaning products 1 nature s miracle stain and odor remover spray

9. Nature’s Miracle Stain And Odor Remover Spray

Best Spray Carpet Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Behavior-correcting

What makes this cleaner one of the best around for pet accidents is its enzymatic formula. It not only destroys the smell of urine and feces but it supposedly prevents animals from going back to that spot again for repeat performances. This one's for dogs, but you can also get it for cats. A word to the wise? Let it soak in for the full recommended time for maximum odor-busting power.

best cleaning products natural care flea and tick carpet powder

10. Natural Care Flea And Tick Carpet Powder

Best Carpet Powder

  • Why We Love It: Deodorizes as it protects, protects home from pests

With the warmer weather approaching, the chance of bringing ticks into the house is going to increase—especially if you have curious four-legged friends. This all-natural powder kills these pests (and their flea cousins), making your home safer for your family. It also pulls double deodorizing duty.

best cleaning supplies chomchom

11. Chomchom Roller

Best for Pet Hair

  • Why We Love It: No batteries required, traps fuzz and dander

When a lint roller just won't cut it, you need the ChomChom Roller. This is another TikTok favorite that’s absurdly satisfying to use, simply because it’s highly effective at picking up Every. Last. Pet. Hair. It's more of an investment than some of the other cleaning products on our list, but there are no adhesive strips or batteries to replace, so you’ll have it for quite a while (provided you clean out its hair trap on the regular).

best cleaning products eureka

12. Eureka Airspeed Ultra

Best Vacuum Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Super lightweight, bagless design

Hailed as our pick for the best vacuum cleaner on the market, this baby is a breeze to handle at just 7.7 pounds, has an eco-friendly bagless design with a washable filter. And anything the vacuum itself can't handle can likely be accomplished with its accessories: There's a crevice tool for narrow spaces and a dusting brush for your vents (or anywhere else you might need it).

The Best Disinfectants

best cleaning products scentiva

13.Clorox Scentiva Multi-surface Cleaner

Best-Smelling Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Fragrance-worthy scent, works on multiple surfaces

There’ll be no need to light a candle or fire up your diffuser after a cleaning session with Scentiva. This multi-surface cleaner is recommended for use on synthetic marble, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, glazed porcelain, plastic and fiberglass, and the jasmine scent is surprisingly sophisticated—so much so that someone asked what scent we were wearing—and where they could buy it—after smelling our freshly scrubbed counters.

best cleaning products method1

14. Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner

Best Bathroom Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Fresh, spearmint scent, kills 99.9 percent of germs

Method’s Antibac is antiviral and antibacterial, killing what the company claims is 99.9 percent of germs, and it’s strong enough to cut through soap scum and hard water. Equally satisfying, though, is what you can’t get from a #cleantok vid—the spearmint scent that fills the room as you scrub. Honestly? It almost makes up for all that scrubbing. Almost.

best cleaning products fend wellness

15. Fend Wellness Hand Wipe Mitts

Best Cleaning Mitts

  • Why We Love It: Keep chemicals away from hands, effective sanitation

We don't know about you, but our hands took a beating around the time that sanitizing wipes took over all of our lives, coating them with their harsh chemicals and stripping them of moisture. Fend Wellness has the solution: a pair of wearable mitts with sanitizing power (up to 99.9 percent, per the brand) and an inner protective layer that surrounds your paws to keep them away from any harsh elements. They're one size fits most and TSA-approved.

best cleaning products lysol

16. Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Best Bleach-Free Disinfectant

  • Why We Love It: Less harsh, can be used on soft surfaces

This powerful spray not only reportedly kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and fungi, but also zaps flu and cold viruses. It can be used on soft surfaces, too, which is nice. Another perk is that it’s meant to air-dry (so no wiping everything down after use). Be sure to let it sit on stuff for anywhere from ten seconds to ten minutes to fully do its job.

best cleaning products clorox2

17. Clorox Clean-up All-purpose Cleaner

Best Disinfectant Spray

  • Why We Love It: Kills COVID-19, works on various surfaces

This spray works on multiple hard surfaces, so you can carry it with you as you move from room to room. As an added bonus, it's been tested by the EPA against COVID-19 and found to get the the job done with its bleach formula. Pro tip: After spraying, let it sit on the surface for one minute before wiping it away so that the product can work its magic.

18. Keystone Peroxide Disinfectant And Glass Cleaner

Best Glass Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Kicks viruses to the curb, gives you streak-free surfaces

If pressing hands, noses and cheeks against the window to get a good look outside is a hobby at your house, maybe invest in this product for your glass surfaces. The company claims it kills norovirus “in as little as 45 seconds” and doesn’t leave streaks on glass. It works on other hard surfaces, too.

The Best Random Cleaning Gadgets

19. Walker Essentials Swedish Dishcloths

Best Dish Cloths

  • Why We Love It: Compostable, highly absorbent

If you’re trying to wean yourself off the waste of paper towels, look no further. Swedish dish towels work like sponges, making them ideal for mopping up liquid, and they’re also great for wiping down countertops and drying dishes. They're reusable and compostable, and at 10 to a pack, they're a pretty great value, too.

best cleaning products swash

20. Swash Laundry Detergent

Best Laundry Detergent

  • Why We Love It: Prevents overuse, lasts for 83 cycles

Ask any cleaning expert—or even any washing machine repair tech—about the biggest mistake people make when doing their laundry, and you'll likely get a resounding: “You’re using too much detergent!” Luckily, Whirlpool has stepped in to save us from ourselves. The appliance company launched its own laundry detergent, Swash, which works remarkably well at removing stains and odors, all while helping to prevent people from performing detergent overboard. Give Swash one squeeze and it will pour exactly as much liquid as you need for a standard-size load; give it two squeezes if you’re trying to cram all of your clothes into a single wash. There'll be no sticky, drippy caps to deal with and no over-pouring. Oh, and it’s ultra-concentrated, so one bottle is said to last for 83 cycles.

best cleaning products blinds

21. Hiware Blind Duster Brush

Best Blind Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Ultra-convenient, easy to wash

Do you like dislike dusting or maybe even abhor it with every fiber of your being? Same. That’s what makes this blind cleaner brush so appealing: Its three, microfiber cloth-covered arms sneak in between your blinds, cleaning away dust and lint in record time. You can swap out the cloths as you go (five are included), and they can easily be washed in your machine for the next time you need to tackle a dust layer (so, tomorrow).

cleaning car

22. Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner

Best Car Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Holds a charge for nearly an hour, HEPA filter

No one likes a messy car, but it can also be one of the most difficult things to clean, what with all of its nooks and crannies. This portable and cordless car vacuum has everything you need to get into those narrow spaces with its slim body and powerful suction. Better yet? Each charge reportedly lasts for a whopping 45 minutes. It also has a double filtration HEPA filter, so you can remove more than 99.7 percent of particles floating around—this according to the company.

cleaning mioeco

23. Mioeco Bamboo Napkins

Most Sustainable Cleaning Product

  • Why We Love It: Reusable, each package saves 130 paper towels

If reducing waste is a goal you're passionate about, then you’ll want to invest in these sustainable paper towel alternatives. Made with unbleached, organic cotton, these napkins are ultra-absorbent and can be used over and over again since you can toss them right into your washing machine. According to the company, just one purchase is the equivalent of saving up to a whopping 130 paper towels.

cleaning microwave

24. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Best Microwave Cleaner

  • Why We Love It: Smart design, conversation piece

Spills and food buildup in the microwave is a common occurrence, and if we're being totally honest, cleaning it isn’t always the most pleasant experience. But this little device makes things a whole lot more tolerable. Simply add vinegar and water into the designated spot hiding beneath the figure's hair and put it in the microwave for five to seven minutes. It will produce steam that’ll give your device a brand new look (on the inside, at least).

best cleaning products gel

25. Colorcoral Dust Universal Dust Cleaner

Best Cleaning Putty

  • Why We Love It: ASMR element, super versatile

Sure, this may look like a cross between Silly Putty and slime, but it’s so much more than a ball of goop for your kids to fight over. ColorCoral’s dust cleaner works wonders for extracting dirt and grime from hard-to-reach (and oft-ignored) areas, like, say, the car vents you haven't cleaned since you bought it, your keyboards and your air conditioner. It's biodegradable, reusable and lightly scented of lemons—and it makes a seriously satisfying squish.

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