16 Random but Life-Changing Products We Found on TikTok

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We have to be honest: We were skeptical about joining TikTok at first. But after discovering its endless supply of videos featuring fun recipes, viral beauty products and even tips from therapists, we were quickly hooked. (Just please don’t ask us to throw it back, we still don’t know how.) And recently, we found yet another reason to love it: the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt page. It’s full of ingenious, life hack-y products that we wish we’d discovered sooner. Here, 16 random but life-changing products we’ve uncovered using the app.

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1. bissell Multi-purpose Portable Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner

What is this super satisfying little device, you ask? It’s an ultra-portable upholstery and carpet cleaner, which—according to TikTok users—works wonders for cleaning couches, upholstered car seats and, yes, carpets. Just fill the tank with water, spray and start suctioning up the dirt and buildup that's been there since you bought that sofa in 2012. Dare we say it’ll make you want to clean?

2. quiltedair Bathbed Luxury Bath Pillow And Spa Cushion

Since discovering the relaxation powers of CBD bath salts, we’ve been taking bubble baths at least once a week. But TBH, we don’t last more than 15 to 20 minutes before our neck starts to hurt from resting against the edge of the tub. Enter: This quick-drying cushion that’s designed to give your neck, back and tailbone a little extra support. Oh, and if you’re wondering where she got that cool little projector in the video, it’s this Anker Nebula Capsule Max.

3. bestniffes Exfoliating Foot Masks (set Of 3)

Fair warning: This TikTok is a little gross. But the takeaway message? These exfoliating foot masks are a total dupe for the mega popular Baby Foot treatment at a way more reasonable price. Now, you can go through the oddly satisfying experience of watching the dead skin on your feet slowly peel away—without paying $25 to make it happen. “My feet have already started to peel, and my skin feels amazingly soft. I didn’t think I’d ever get super soft feet again without going to a nail salon,” confirms one reviewer.

4. s&t Inc. Soap Pump Dispenser And Sponge Holder

If you wash a lot of dishes by hand, this gadget is about to make your life a whole lot easier. You’d be surprised by how much time you save by not having to get the soap bottle out, multiple Amazon reviewers confirm. Plus, it keeps you from having to fiddle with one of those annoying suction cup sponge holders that inevitably falls off.

5. ronxs Candle Lighter

What’s so special about a candle lighter? Well, this one is rechargeable and uses flameless plasma technology, so you don’t have to worry about lighter fluid or butane. It works with the push of button, and the flexible neck makes it easy to light hard-to-reach wicks.

6. the Original Airfort

Did you run out of fun quarantine activities to do with the kids like two weeks in? Same. We’d welcome any idea at this point, but this one actually seems like a really good one. All you have to do is secure the AirFort to a regular household fan (not included) and boom, you have an instant playland. When they’re done playing, just turn off the fan and fold the fabric up.

7. revolution Cooking R180 High-speed Smart Toaster

TikTok user @heyparis describes this smart toaster as “unnecessary, but really cool” and we have to agree with her. The touchscreen display allows you to select from five different item types and seven different browning levels. Then, it uses Revolution Cooking’s custom-toasting algorithms to ensure that you never end up with burnt toast again. According to @heyparis, this toaster actually toasts faster than a regular one and the results taste better. *Adds to cart.*

8. italy Towel Genuine Korean Exfoliating Mitts (20 Count)

If you’ve been attempting to exfoliate with a loofah, you’re doing it all wrong. These Korean exfoliating mitts slough off dead skin in just a few strokes. “It’s gross and glorious at the same time,” writes one reviewer. One thing to note? Buyers say they shrink significantly after they’re soaked in water, so just expect to have to stretch yours out before use.

9. chomchom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Pet owners are raving about this pet hair removal device all over TikTok. And after seeing the results in TikTok user @alyssa.marzke’s video, we can see why. Instead of using sticky paper or suction, the ChomChom Roller has a special brush system that picks up hair as you glide it back and forth. And when you’re done, just open the trap door and release all that gunk right into the trash. No wonder it’s racked up more than 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

10. delta Faucet Glass Rinser

Rinsing out baby bottles, water bottles and travel mugs is pretty much the worst. Sure, they make scrub brushes for that exact purpose, but for some reason we can never get things quite as clean as we’d like. That’s why this glass rinser looks like a total game-changer. Just remove your existing soap dispenser, side sprayer or sink hole cover and install this device in its place. Then, prepare for the easiest bottle-cleaning experience of your life.

11. revlon Oil-absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

A face roller that absorbs oil as well as our favorite blotting sheets? Sounds like a total gimmick. But after watching TikTok user @thewhitestbrown run it over her t-zone, we’re fully convinced that it works. According to the brand, the roller is made with real volcanic stone, which is great for absorbing oil. Bonus: It’s reusable, unlike those aforementioned blotting sheets.

12. yecaye Cable Organizer Box

We may be six months into this whole working-from-home thing, but our home office is far from organized. That’s why this cable organizer box looks like a total dream. Set a power strip inside, plug in your necessary cords, put the lid on and there you have it: a tidier workspace.

13. hand2mind Play And Freeze Ice Cream Ball

After watching @rachelhutchen1’s TikTok featuring this ice cream ball, we’re totally convinced that we need one. Does it really work that fast? Does the ice cream actually taste good? Could we whip up new ice cream recipes in it? We have so many questions. So naturally, it’s going in our Amazon cart. (Oh, and the kids might like it too.)

14. bestinnkits Smart Cup Warmer Heating Plate

Unless you’re pouring your coffee into a Yeti travel mug every morning, it probably gets cold before you finish it from time to time. Well, not anymore, thanks to this desk-friendly mini heating plate. Just plug it in, and it’ll sense when you put your mug down on it and warm it accordingly. Aka, no more midmorning trips to the microwave with a lukewarm coffee in tow.

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15. The Kooty Key

When this germ-avoiding tool appeared on PureWow director of social strategy Aly Owens’s For You Page, she knew she had to try it out. And as this video shows, it did not disappoint. The hook part allows you to open doors without touching the handle, and the top is perfect for pressing buttons or touchscreens. Owens stuck hers right on her key ring so she always has it with her when she’s out and about. FYI: The Kooty Key’s plastic is antimicrobial, so you don’t have to worry about disinfecting it.

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16. Kxt Thumb Knife

Here’s another product we found on the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt page and had to try ourselves. We tried using this thumb knife to cut strawberries and peel garlic and ginger, and we were totally blown away by how well it worked. Slip the silicone finger sleeves onto your thumb and forefinger, and you’ll never end up with a nicked finger again.

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