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FYI, Baby Foot’s Weirdly Satisfying Exfoliating Peel Is 20 Percent Off Right Now
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When you hear the words ‘exfoliating foot peel’ your first thought is probably “um, gross!” Same here. But after listening to our coworkers praise Baby Foot’s smoothing effects and reading some of its almost 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, we’ve started to reconsider. Especially since the rarely-discounted treatment is on sale right now for 20 percent off at Dermstore. 

What is Baby Foot? 

If you missed its viral moment a couple years ago, let’s get you up to speed. Baby Foot is an at-home foot peel that sloughs away dry, cracked skin and calluses. Basically, you put on the serum-filled booties and wear them around the house for an hour. Then you take them off, rinse your feet, and wait a few days for the exfoliating magic to start happening (get ready for some extreme peeling). 

How does the Baby Foot peel work? 

It's actually pretty simple. Remember those booties we just talked about? The serum inside them contains a mixture of glycolic, malic and lactic acids which work to slough away dead skin on your feet. That process takes a few days, which is why you won’t notice any peeling for at least a day or two. 

Once the peeling starts, your feet will slowly shed their external layer of skin, which reviewers swear sounds gross but is actually super satisfying to watch. Baby Foot also contains natural extracts that work to nourish and moisturize so the new layer of skin that emerges is extra smooth and soft. 

And what are the Baby Foot peel results?

That all sounds great, but what’s it really like to use Baby Foot? And will it hurt? We turned to two PureWow staffers to hear their first-hand experience with the exfoliating foot peel. 

“I was shocked at how my feet completely shed, it was like a snake shedding its skin. Besides how absolutely smooth your feet feel, there's just something really cool about the shedding. I loved Baby Foot before quarantine, but now without being able to get a pedicure, I love it even more,” says director of audience development Mary D’Alessio. 

“If you’re a person that finds joy in peeling sunburns, Baby Foot will be your new favorite product. Watching my feet peel for two weeks was disgustingly enjoyable and it really works. My feet feel softer and I definitely noticed less dead skin than usual when I went for my first pedicure in a while,” confirms senior manager of strategic partnerships Brynn Conway. 

OK, we’re all for oddly satisfying beauty treatments like dermaplaning, so this sounds right up our alley. And considering it’s on sale right now at Dermstore with code 'SHARETHELOVE', we have no more excuses...

Buy It ($25; $20)

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