This Exfoliating Device Will Make Your Skin Insanely Smooth & It’s Currently On Sale at Nordstrom

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You know that baby smooth feeling your skin has after a really great facial, or an appointment with your favorite waxer? What if we told you your face could feel like that every day? Well, it can, thanks to the Dermaflash One.

The razor-esque gadget is a dermaplaning device that’s designed to remove peach fuzz, dead skin cells and buildup in just a few strokes. And according to reviewers, it really works. “I absolutely love this tool. My skin is glowing and so smooth. My pores appear smaller and are no longer blocked,” writes one woman.

“I was skeptical this would make a difference, but I was wrong. My face looks brighter and, dare I say, younger,” confirms another.

In addition to the exfoliation benefits, users find that their makeup goes on smoother, since peach fuzz and dead skin don’t get in the way. The same goes for skincare: The brand notes that your serums and moisturizer will be more effective, since they’re able to absorb straight into the skin instead of sitting on the surface.

Using the device is fun too, adds PureWow beauty director Jenny Jin. “Fans of pore strips, pimple patches and other oddly satisfying beauty treatments will enjoy seeing the hair buildup on the blade.” Guilty as charged.

So how does it work, exactly? After washing your face with the included Preflash cleanser, attach one of the blades to the Dermaflash One and hit the power button. Start at the outer edge of your cheekbone and glide the device across your face in short strokes. Repeat this motion around the rest of your face. The Dermaflash One can be used on your entire face, including your forehead and chin if you’d like. Just be sure to avoid your hairline, eyebrows, nose and eyelids to avoid any potential, uh, mishaps. Apply the Postflash moisturizer afterwards and you're good to go.

We know, that sounds like a lot of work. But in reality, the exfoliation process only takes about ten minutes. And seeing as the results last one to two weeks, we’d say the time commitment is definitely worth it.

The process seems to be pretty cost-effective too, especially once you take into account the cost of a professional dermaplaning session which is typically between $150 and $250. The device itself comes with four blades and once you run out (Dermaflash recommends using a new one for each session for safety), a replacement pack costs just $29.

And right now, you can get $40 off the Dermaflash One as part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

Welp, our only complaint is that we’ve waited this long to invest in our own.

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