Follow These Therapists on TikTok for Advice on Everything from Anxiety to Parenting

Amid the endless stream of cooking hacks, product reviews and dance tutorials, a new category is gaining popularity on TikTok: mental health awareness videos. And naturally, therapists are at the forefront of the trend. A few have already racked up hundreds of thousands of followers through their creative use of the app. Here, 10 therapists to follow on TikTok for helpful info on how to cope with everything from anxiety to parenting struggles.

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1. @drjuliesmith

With over 800,000 followers, Dr. Julie Smith has one of the most popular therapist accounts on TikTok. In fact, she recently posted a video about how to tell how fast your brain is, which has gotten over 4 million views. Beyond interesting facts about psychology and the brain, her videos also provide tips for managing anxiety, advice on dealing with social issues and much more.

2. @drnortontherapy

Dr. Marquis Norton is a therapist based in Virginia. He uses his account to educate followers on topics like how to find the right therapist, how to journal and how to identify whether you’re in a toxic relationship. He’s also offering free online therapy through his website right now.

3. @mashmushe

If you struggle with overthinking, anxiety or stress, Micheline Maalouf is definitely worth a follow. She shares useful advice like how to stop a panic attack and why crying can actually be helpful, all with an engaging, accessible approach.

4. @seekatlas

This account is run by Atlas, a group of trained therapists and coaches based in New York City. Whether they’re sharing what therapists actually do between sessions, celebrities you didn’t know have a mental illness, or how to regulate your body and mind in times of protest, you’re bound to learn something new and interesting from their posts.

5. @evolveandbloom

Therapist Nadia Adessi’s TikTok account is filled of information and advice about relationships, trauma and anxiety disorders. Addesi is outspoken about her own anxiety, which gives her videos a down-to-earth, relatable feel.

6. @amoderntherapist

Want to learn more about the difference between social and generalized anxiety or how to better communicate? Florida-based therapist Dr. Justin Puder covers both topics, plus a ton of other mental health concerns. He also uses humor and levity to get his messages across.

7. @counselor_courtney

Courtney Bradon is a child and teen therapist, so her account is packed with parenting advice. Whether you want to know whether you’re raising a highly sensitive child or what not to say to kids with depression, she’s got you covered.

8. @kreftscouch

Self-proclaimed “CEO of boundaries” Dr. Janine Kreft uses her TikTok platform to provide information about anger, healthy habits and setting boundaries.

9. @mamatherapy

As her username implies, Stephanie Straub specializes in therapy for moms. She addresses common mental health concerns like birth trauma, perfectionism and postpartum depression.

10. @jareddefife

If you’re interested in tips and information that focus solely on ADHD, follow Dr. Jared DeFife. He’s an adult ADHD therapist and most of his posts address the disorder and the difficulties that go along with it.

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