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What’s funnier than dressing your dog in human clothes? Dressing your dog in a Halloween costume. Here, 38 ideas for your trick-or-treating (fine, Instagramming) pleasure. Happy Howl-o-ween. 

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Princess Leia dog costume for Halloween
Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

1. Princess Leia

The force is strong with this one.

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dog doctor costume
JodiJacobson/ Getty Images

2. A Doctor

For those with steady paws. 

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Airballoon pilot halloween dog costume
ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

3. Puppy Pilot

He can be our wingman anytime. 

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Wonder Woman Halloween dog costume
Barcroft Media/Getty Images

4. Wonder Woman

The headband is the best part.

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Halloween dog dressed up as Harry Potter
Brazil Photo Press/CON/Getty Images

5. Harry Potter

Sneak your pup into Hogwarts with this adorable disguise.

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dog in frog costume
bruev/ Getty Images

6. Frog Dog

Because green is the perfect color for this cutie.

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dogs devil angel costume
awdebenham/ Getty Images

7. Devil and Angel

Good vs. evil. 

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dog dressed as ghost
fotoedu/ Getty Images

8. A Ghost

Simple yet effective.

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Dog dressed up in Shake Shack costume

9. Shake Shack Dog

Turn last night’s fast food fest into today’s costume. 

Mailman Halloween dog costume

10. A Mailman

Maybe this will make your pup stop barking at the poor guy. 

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Woofgang Pup Halloween dog costume
ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

11. Woofgang Pup

The number one celebrity dog chef. 

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Firefighter Halloween dog costume
Barcroft Media/Getty Images

12. Firefighter Dog

Our hero. 

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Dogs in Halloween costume
kiko_jimenez/Getty Images

13. Halloween Dogs

Got any random Halloween decorations and accessories lying around the house? Put ’em to good use. 

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dog pirate costume
WilleeCole/ Getty Images

14. Pirate Dog

Ahoy, matey! 

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Dog dressed up for Halloween in spider costume
Brazil Photo Press/CON/Getty Images

15. Spider Dog

Just imagine how hilarious (and um, scary) it would be to see this guy running toward you at full speed. 

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16. A Slice of Bacon

You shouldn’t feed your dog bacon, but you should dress him up in it. 

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dog dragon costume
treasuredragon/ Getty Images

17. Dragon Dog

The perfect accessory for your Khaleesi costume

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dog dressed as sushi roll

18. Sushi Roll

Soy adorable. 

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dog dressed as pumpkin

19. A Pumpkin

Perfect for snuggling. 

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Three headed dog for Halloween
Barcroft Media/Getty Images

20. A Three-Headed Monster

Triple the cuteness. 

Dog dressed up in leaves for Halloween
ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

21. A Chia Pet

Got plants? Great! You’ve got a Halloween costume.

dog waldo costume

22. Waldo

The best part of this one: You can re-use it come Christmas.

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pug in flannel hipster

23. Hipster

Throw your dog in a flannel, and then pretend to take him to Brooklyn.

dog bear costume
svetikd/ Getty Images

24. A Bear

Ready for treats (and tricks of course). 

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dog pinata costume
JPhilipson/ Get Images

25. A Piñata

Because a piñata filled with a puppy is better than one stuffed with candy.

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dog hot dog costume
JLfotoNL/ Getty Images

26. A Hot Dog

This one isn’t only for dachshunds.

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dog taco costume

27. A Taco

Exponentially funnier if it’s on a Chihuahua.

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two puppies in pajamas
alkir/ Getty Images

28. A Sleepyhead

Extra treats for onesie PJs.

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dog superhero costume
adogslifephoto/ Getty Images

29. Super Dog

Stopping crime one Petco robbery at a time.

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dog batman costume

30. Batman

Ready to serve and protect Gotham City. 

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dog shark costume
Printezis/ Getty Images

31. A Shark

Stay out of the water...

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dog minion costume

32. A minion

A costume that the whole family can get in on.

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dog lion costume

33. A Lion Cub

Today, you shall be called Simba.

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dogs cops and robbers costume

34. Cops and Robber

We know which one is the good boy. 

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dog lobster costume
rocketegg/ Getty Images

35. A lobster

Claws, paws, same diff.

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corgi ladybug costume
ruthrose/ Getty Images

36. Ladybug

This one’s lucky. 

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dog tinkerbell costume

37. Tinkerbell

All you need is wings.

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dog pope costume

38. The Pope

Holy cow dog.

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Additional reporting by Alexandra Hough

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