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Cats are to Halloween what elves are to Christmas—it wouldn’t be the same holiday without ’em. So, even while your four-legged feline may never step foot outside your house, there’s no reason Catniss can’t be included in some spooky October 31 activities. Here are 30 cat Halloween costumes that are definitely more hilarious than they are scary, but Catniss never has to know that, does she? 

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cat halloween costumes lion

1. Lion

Pay homage to your little lion cub’s heritage—and blast The Lion King album while you’re getting ready, ya know, just to get into character.

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cat halloween costumes sherrif

2. Wild West Sheriff

“This house isn’t big enough for the both of us,” is something your cat has probably thought to himself. Little did Rex know you’d be putting him in this…

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cat halloween costumes spider

3. Spider Kitty

Fluffy already has nine lives, shouldn’t she have at least nine legs?

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cat halloween costumes unicorn

4. Unicorn Cat Costume

After all, Buttons is a one-of-kind feline. Shouldn’t his costume reflect his uniqueness?

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cat halloween costumes bat

5. Bat Cat

Na-na na-na na-na na-na—Bat Cat!!!! Wanna take this costume to the next level? Dress your toddler (or dog) up as Robin.

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6. Bat   Vampire Cat Costumes

6. Bat & Vampire Cat Costumes

If you have two furballs at home it’s legally required in all 50 states that you dress them up thematically together.

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cat halloween costumes devil

7. Devil Cat Costume

Marshmallow looks sweet as pie on your Instagram account, but we all know this costume is more than appropriate.

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cat halloween costumes sailor

8. Sailor Cat Costume

Tortellini is most definitely a house cat, but Halloween’s the purr-fect occasion to test out his sea legs.

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cat halloween costumes pizza

9. Pizza Slice Cat Costume

Remember that time Buttercup licked the cheese off your pie? Think of this as payback.

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cat halloween costumes kitty buffet

10. Kitty Buffet

Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

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11. Cowboy and Kitty Up Cat

11. Cowboy and Kitty-Up Cat

“Old Town Road” on repeat is mandatory.

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cat and mouse halloween costume

12. Cat and Mouse Costume

Perhaps dressing Kitty Poppins up as her mortal enemy will open her eyes to the interconnectivity of all beings? At the very least it will be a super-cute photo shoot.

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cat halloween costume king

13. King Purrington Costume

Crookshanks already acts like he’s king of the house, so why not embrace the royal attitude?

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Ewok Cat costume

14. Ewok Cat

May the Force be with you…as you attempt to get your cat to wear this getfup.

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monster cat halloween costumes

15. Monster Kitty Costume

When your sweet little Monster finally has the hat to go along with his fun name.

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pretzel cat costume

16. Pretzel Costume

Why is this making us hungry?

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rainbow cat costume

17. Double Rainbow Costume

Grab a camera and pretend you’re the “double rainbow” guy.

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school bus cat costume

18. School Bus Costume

There was no reason to ever dress your cat up as a school bus…until now.

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princess cat costume

19. Princess Kitty Costume

Let your Meghan Markle obsession come out in full form this Halloween.

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toast cat costume

20. Toast Head

Some things are inexplicably funny. And a cat with her head in a piece of toast is one of those things.

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marie antoinette cat costume

21. Marie Cat-Toinette

If she tolerates the costume for at least one good photo, let her eat cake.

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banana split cat costume
TJ Maxx

22. Banana Split Costume

Three scoops, please!

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lobster cat costume
TJ Maxx

23. Lobster Costume

Be warned: Once Whiskers tries lobster, she may never go back to tuna.

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taco cat costume
TJ Maxx

24. Taco Cat Costume

Taco ’bout a statement outfit.

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shark cat costume
TJ Maxx

25. Cat Shark Costume

Delight all of your little trick-or-treaters with a “Baby Shark” cameo.

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bumble bee cat costume

26. Bumble Bee Cat Costume

If your cat could speak, she’d probably tell you to buzz off with the costume. But she can’t. So now she’s wearing it.

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peacock cat costume

27. Peacock Costume

Brownie has always loved being the center of attention…

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teddy bear cat costume

28. Teddy Bear Cat Costume

Cute, cuddly and furry? Check, check and check.

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pumpkin cat costume

29. Pumpkin Cat Costume

Because we had to have one pumpkin in here.

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werewolf cat costume

30. Were-cat Costume

Mittens does tend to act up on full moons…

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