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The latest beauty trend has nothing to do with makeup. In fact, we dare say it’s the antithesis of makeup, and it’s quickly become our new go-to on most mornings. It’s called “skin glazing,” and it’s all about highlighting your features using just skin-care products. 

What you do: Immediately after cleansing, spray a hydrating face mist (we love Glossier’s rosewater formula) on slightly damp skin. Next, mix two to three drops of a nourishing face oil with your moisturizer and firmly press it into your skin until fully absorbed. Finish with another light misting if you’re extra dry—or want to look extra dewy. That’s it.

Why we love it: The results are pretty immediate. Between the strategic layering of products (which traps in moisture) and actually taking the time to massage everything into your skin (which boosts circulation and aids absorption), you’re left with petal soft skin and a rosy glow. Sure, it may be a few extra steps in your primping process, but once you realize how stunning your skin looks, you may jump on the bandwagon and skip makeup altogether. Lazy ladies unite.

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