Why Everyone Is Trying the 3-Second Rule of Korean Beauty

korean beauty 3 second rule hero

You’ve heard of the five-second rule, right? When one of your French fries goes rogue and flies off the table? Now allow us to introduce you to the three-second rule, which has nothing to do with food but everything to do with getting your best skin ever.

“Widely used in South Korea, this rule states that you go straight into your skin-care routine immediately after washing your face, applying products within…three seconds,” says Hee-jeong Cho of K-beauty brand Vitabrid C12. So basically, after cleansing, skip towel drying and apply your toner, serum or essence immediately while your face is wet.

Aside from speeding up your skin-care regimen, the three-second rule also allows products to better absorb into your face. See, your skin’s main role is to serve as a barrier between your cells and the outside world, meaning that when you apply products, your skin essentially wants to keep them out. Wet or damp skin, however, is more receptive to outside agents, which leads to maximum absorption of active ingredients.

A quicker routine, better skin and one less wasted towel. Talk about a triple threat.