8 Secrets of Women Who Handle Stress Like a Boss

They may be modern-day unicorns, but they do exist: those women who seem to handle any unexpected twist or task that comes their way with a calm, breezy confidence. How do they do it? They’ve mastered these eight tricks. 

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They Take Five Before Reacting

Walking around the block and getting some fresh air can do wonders for your psyche. It’s a tried-and-true stress buster for a reason—whatever you do, don’t answer that passive-aggressive email until you’ve taken a break from your desk for a few.

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They Remember To Breathe

We often hold in our breath, or simply forget to breathe, when stress strikes. If you’re feeling frazzled before a presentation or PTA meeting, inhale deep into your diaphragm, hold for two seconds, and then release. Repeat at least ten times. Yoga and meditation can help you get into the habit of breathing more mindfully throughout the day, too.

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They Say "no"

Accepting every opportunity and responsibility that comes your way is a surefire recipe for stress overload. By prioritizing the tasks and initiatives you’re passionate about, you’re setting yourself up for success simply by caring about what you’re doing. Your boss/coworker/partner/mom/kid/friend will understand. Promise.

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They Schedule In Time For Self-care

Self-care is an absolute must for the stress-free gal. Whether you love a weekly mani-pedi, Netflix binge session or indulgent brunch, give yourself permission to do something just because it makes you happy at least once a week. 

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They Cut Themselves Some Slack

Don’t let “great” be the enemy of “good.” Sometimes you just need to get something done and it’s no biggie if it’s not perfect. Other times you make mistakes—you know what? It happens. You’re still a rock star.

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They Have An Outlet

Kickboxing, yoga, Candy Crush—whatever speaks to you, as long as you can just zone out and let off some steam. All that stress is exhaled into the atmosphere and voilà: You’re a Zen master again.

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They Stay Organized

You know what triggers unnecessary stressors? Not being able to find your keys. Or misplacing your W-2. Or forgetting your password, again. Start by keeping a tidy desk. You’d be surprised how quickly it clears your head, too.

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They Prioritize Sleep

This is huge. This is everything. How can you stave off stress when you’re running on less than six hours? Your body is telling you something when you start dozing off at 2 p.m. Now get some rest, OK?