9 Ways to Squeeze in 10 Minutes of Exercise a Day

Try as you might to log your 10,000 steps—or get in your 30 minutes of cardio—some days you just don’t have the time. Here, nine easy ways to sneak in exercise so you always stay on track.

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1. Tack it onto your other chores

Whether you’re stepping outside to pick up the mail or taking your dog out for a quick walk, extend it by a few extra minutes and stroll around the block, briskly, while you’re already up and at 'em.

2. Take your meetings on the go

End-of-day calls are the worst. Pop in your headset and take them outside—while power walking around the parking lot like a maniac.

3. Utilize your commercial breaks

A few push-ups here, a few squats there: Switch up your moves with each break to target all of the muscle groups by the end of your show.

4. Maximize your mornings

Brushing your teeth? Drying your hair? Use that time to fit in a few sculpting moves like wall sits, leg lifts or warrior pose.

5. Use the kitchen counter

To tone your arms and back while waiting for the water to boil. It’s the perfect height to do standing push-ups and tricep dips.

6. Move while you wait

Whether it’s at the doctor’s office or at Costco, use that idle time to walk around the room—or at least shuffle your feet from side to side.

7. And while you work

Deskercising! It’s a thing.

8. Double up on stairs

You’ve already heard to take the stairs whenever you can--and for good reason. It gets your heart rate pumping immediately. Take them two at a time and you’ll get some lower body toning out of it as well.

9. Fidget more

Go ahead. Tap those toes, twirl your pencil and bop around in your chair. Sure, your colleagues might find it a bit annoying, but you’ll burn an extra 100-plus calories a day just by refusing to sit still.

10. Have More Sex

OK, fine, you need 42 minutes, not 10. But according to this lady’s “research,” it burns 123 calories!

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