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Morning face-wash poll: Are you a splash-of-water-only kind of gal? Or would you never dream of leaving the house without a full-on cleansing? Our crystal-complexioned friends in Korea (of course) have come up with a solution that appeases both the dry and the oily. The resulting product: a single-double cleanser. Here's the deal behind the Nobel Prize-winning science. 

What it is: On first glance, it looks more like hair gel than a face wash. But the second you rub it into your skin, it bursts into a watery serum that actually feels really refreshing. Crazy-cool-texture morphing aside, it’s packed with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and rose oil—which explains why it makes our skin feel so baby soft afterward.

How to use it: Squeeze a nickel-sized amount onto your fingertips and spread it evenly across your face. Gently massage it into skin to loosen any debris and rinse.

Why we love it: Unlike pretty much every other cleanser we’ve tried, this one doesn’t leave a filmy residue or make our faces feel tight. On the contrary, it hits the magical sweet spot of making our skin feel squeaky clean but not at all stripped. (Honestly, we didn’t think that was possible.) And that gel-to-water thing doesn’t get any less exciting.

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