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When we first heard about dry brushing, we were skeptical. Who has the time to run a small brush across their entire body several times a week? Also, it sounds sort of…uncomfortable. But we kept hearing about how good it was for your skin so we finally gave it a try. Now we’re hooked, and here’s why.

First off, what is it? In a nutshell, dry brushing is a combination of physical exfoliation and a light massage that involves—you guessed it—moving a soft, natural-bristled brush over your dry skin. The bristles buff off dead cells, while the pressure helps with lymphatic draining and blood circulation. 

How do you do it? Before showering, start brushing your skin from the tops of your feet and slowly work your way up toward your chest and arms using light strokes. Contrary to our earlier fears about it being painful, it actually feels quite nice—sort of like when your mom used to scratch your back as a kid. And while it’s OK to apply a little more pressure around your kneecaps, elbows and ankles (aka where your skin is naturally thicker), be extremely gentle when you reach your chest and neck, as the skin there is much thinner. Shower as you normally would, but steer clear of any aggressive soaps or body washes that might irritate your freshly scrubbed skin. Finish off with a super-moisturizing lotion or oil and repeat two to three times a week.

Your skin will start to feel much softer (we’re talking baby’s bottom level of smoothness here) and look a bit brighter and firmer (at least temporarily)—just in time for tank tops and skirt season.

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