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Let’s leave the tiny ornate details and wire-frame nail art to the pros. These ten designs require little more than a (somewhat) steady hand, a glass of wine (to help steady the hand, obviously) and some painter’s tape (if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like we are).

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Floating Half-Moons

Paint your nails a clear or nude tone and add a crisp white contrast. Just follow the shape of the lunula at the base of your nail.

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Abstract Lines and Shapes

A line here, a squiggle there and a cute little dot to anchor it all in. Have fun with free-handing.

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Dotted Tips

Or try just a small dot at the end of each nail (almost as if you were punctuating them). Using the end of your brush, stamp on the dotted accents. If the brush that comes with your polish is too wide, get thee a dotting tool for easy precision. 

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Marbled Texture

Paint your base color, add a few dots of a lighter shade and swirl them together with a toothpick while the polish is still wet (as if you were connecting the dots).

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Alternating Diagonals

Line the edges up with painter's tape and fill them in with your favorite color.

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Half and Half Tips

Leave the base nude for the most seamless grow out.

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Horizontal Lines

Steady your elbow against the table and draw each line in one clean swoop (like you do your eyeliner).

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Glittery Angled Tips

You know how your tips are always the first to chip and how glitter is always the hardest polish to get off? Turn your problems into a solution.

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Color-Blocked Crescents

Don’t worry about the shapes all being even. The little inconsistencies (and pops of color) add to the youthful feel of this design.

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Freeform Squiggles

Remember when you used to doodle in your wide-ruled Five Star notebook? Channel that on your nail beds and go to town with some squiggles.

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