20 Nude Nail Designs That Are Anything But Boring

We’re almost always in the mood for a bright, colorful manicure, but occasionally when we crave a palette cleanse, we go for a nude nail. A neutral tone is easy on the eyes and goes with everything. Plus, if you get bored with it, you can always add a design on top. We’ll show you some options ahead.

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1. Rose Gold Cuticles

Let’s start things off with a simple slash of rose gold polish just along the cuticles of your nails. The tiny details are subtle but no less impactful.

2. Glitter Details

There’s no need to overthink your next mani. If you’re stumped on what to do, you can simply add some glittery polish over a nude base to make your tips shine.

3. Nude Ombré

Recreate this dreamy look by painting your nails with a nude polish and using a cosmetic sponge to dab some sky blue on the tips. (Or you can just grab a pack of these exact press-ons!)

Get the look: Chillhouse Sugar Rush Chill Tips ($16)

4. Rainbow Moons

Fan of a half-moon manicure? (Same.) Try a nude version by painting on a thin colorful line at the base of each nail, alternating the shades to make the simple design pop.

5. Black And White Dots

It doesn’t get much more classic than this trifecta of colors. The white and black dots add a crisp contrast to an otherwise neutral base.

6. Flower Party

Prefer a bit more color? Here’s a vibrant floral design that would make anyone smile.

7. Gold Decals

Fact: Nail decals are one of the easiest ways to rock intricate designs; just peel them off carefully using a pair of tweezers and stick them on in your desired pattern. Don’t forget to add topcoat if you really want them to last.

Get the look: Nails of LA Nail Art Decals ($8)

8. Modern Wraps

Another easy way to DIY your mani is to use wraps, which adhere to the surface of your nails. To use them, simply place the wraps over clean, bare nails and file off the excess at the edges.

Get the look: Nails of LA The Stylist Wrap ($14)

9. Lipstick Tips

You can also infuse a bit of fun into a simple nude mani by playing with your nail shape. We love these lipstick nails, which are filed at an angle to resemble our favorite beauty product.

10. Skinny Double-french

IYKYK: French manicures are back and have been everywhere for the past couple of years. Only now, they’re a tad more refined, as you can see with the skinny double-French design here.

11. Flower Accents

This one’s for when you’re not quite ready to part with your go-to red pedicure, but still want to try something different. (And yes, we consider white to be in the nude family.)

12. Pearl Accents

Looking for yet another iteration of the French mani? You can update the classic design by adding small pearl accents at the base of each nail.

13. Sweet Hearts

Save this one in your folder for next Valentine’s Day—or just switch out the colors to make them more seasonally appropriate for whenever you plan on wearing them.

14. Chromatic Dots

If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty enamored with nail stickers lately. Just look at these chromatic dots. They’re cool without being over the top and add the perfect pop of color to nude nails.

Get the look: Jinsoon Chroma Dots Nail Art Appliqué ($12)

15. White Doodles

There’s no need to get overly precise with this design. In fact, they’re intentionally scribbled on to look like the sort of thing you used to draw on your school binders.

16. Bridgerton-inspired

Haven’t you heard? Lady Whistledown says that a gilded floral design is the look fit for royalty. (Note: Unless you have an extremely steady hand, we’d leave this one to the pros.)

17. Metallic Details

And here we thought nude nails were boring. If anything, it’s the best shade to anchor any mani because pretty much every color and design will go with it.

18. Heart Tips

Another day, another nude and sky-blue mani. When in doubt, this color pairing always works.

19. Dreamy Skies

Speaking of skies, how cute is this? The soothing design features a nude shimmery base topped with puffy little clouds and gold accents.

Get the look: Manime Sweet Lullaby Stick-On Gels ($25)

20. Moody French Moons

Last but not least, we’ll end things with a moody mani fit for your next Halloween party.

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