27 New Year’s Nails to Start 2022 Right

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We’re so close to saying au revoir to 2021 and bonjour to 2022. And what better way to celebrate than with a spankin’ new mani? Whether you’re preparing for a night out with friends or staying home, a fresh set can put you in the festive mood. And FYI, there are so many options out there. Do you want to sparkle like the NYE ball? Or bedazzle your nails in all the sequins you can? The designs are limitless to start the year on a good note. Here, 27 New Year’s nails to ring in 2022.

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1. Amethyst Marbling

Among crystal collectors, amethyst is regarded as a protective stone. (It’s even been linked to warding off overindulgence and hangovers). While we can't promise an amethyst mani will do this for you, perhaps the purple hue can serve as a visual cue to at least drink more water throughout the night?

2. Black & Gold French

Put a twist on a classic look by painting your nails in glitter and applying black matte to the tips. The elegant finish and black and gold combo will work for any banquet or New Year’s afterparty.

3. Art Deco Tips

This Art Deco style doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun with the different lines and shapes, using a nail brush to create your own geometric masterpiece. It’s helpful to start with one color (like gold) and layer the next two shades on top (towards the tips).

4. Celestial Stickers

Stickers are simple yet make a bold statement (especially when gold is involved). Begin with a base color and let it fully dry before applying the stickers parallel to your cuticle. Seal it all in with top coat to keep everything in place and add a shiny finish.

5. Golden Hour

Want to rock gold without being too blinged out? This chic look is right up your alley. First, add a layer of clear polish before using nail adhesive to transfer the gilded foil onto your nails. (If you need a bit more guidance, here’s a helpful tutorial to get you started.)

6. Glitter & Gold Tips

This glitter and gold number reminds us of champagne and the wonderful toast you’ll probably give before the ball drops. Consider using nail tape to layout your desired shape before coating your tips with gold polish.

7. Holographic Quartz

It’s all about the glitz and glamour for New Year’s. Prime example: These holographic nails. The iridescent finish makes it so that every angle shows off a different hue.

8. Silver & Black Chevron

Black goes with everything and adding silver to the mix is a match made in mani heaven. For this style, it’s all about precision. A good nail art brush can help you get the lines nice and crisp.

9. Gold Chrome

And the Oscar goes to…you, with this gold chrome mani. You’ll surely turn heads at your next event with this look. All you need to achieve it is a gold polish or nail foil.

10. Glitter Bomb

Similar effect, but with some glitter instead. This shimmery rose gold polish is just what you need while sipping on some bubbly.

11. Blue Marble

Did you know that the color blue stands for inspiration, stability and calmness? By that token, this blue and gold mani can bring on the good vibes once the clock strikes 12. When it comes to a marbled style, it’s a blend of art and science. First, you’ll mix your blue and white polish together (similar to this tutorial). Once you have your base color on, apply your freshly mixed combo on your nails. Top it off with small pieces of gold foil to finish.

12. Outlined French Tips

Take your French tips for a modern plunge by outlining them in black instead of painting them white like you did in the ‘90s. Whether you have an almond, stiletto or square shape, this stark line look is sure to be a conversation starter.

13. Silvery Outline

Tip: A nail art brush (and steadying your arm against a flat surface) can help give the right amount of control needed to paint such a detailed design.

14. Confetti Explosion

Nothing says, “Happy New Year!” like a confetti explosion on your nails.

15. Shining Stars

This ombré style is the glam mani you’ve been searching for. Aside from painting your tips with a glitter polish, there are various ways to achieve the stars. You can opt for stickers or try hand-drawing them instead. Either way, it’ll have your nails sparkling bright.

16. Negative Space

This negative space technique calls for some nail tape, black and glitter polish and, most importantly, a party-ready mindset.

17. Gold Gems

Fact: Gold gems will elevate any manicure. A few well-placed gems not only look super cool but also give your nails dimension and edge.

18. 50 Shades Of Blue

Who says you have to rock one color for New Year’s? Deck each nail out in its own shade of blue (and add gold foil to a finger or two while you’re at it) .

19. Sage Green Tips

This greenish-gray hue is the color of 2022. The grounding shade offers a sense of comfort and signals growth for the year ahead. Throw in a few specks of gold foil and you’ll have a real winner on your hands (literally).

20. Gold Splats

Art is always up for interpretation. Have fun with scattered splats of gold polish—like your very own Jackson Pollock painting. FYI, it’s all about the flick of the polish brush.

21. Animal Print

Tortoise print plus a hint of gold = one elevated mani. Watch this handy tutorial to guide you through the intricate print (or book an appointment at your local salon).

22. Confetti Tips

The party will begin as soon as you arrive because these colorful tips demand it. First, paint over clear polish and begin placing the confetti individually (if you prefer a specific layout) using a nail brush. Once you get your prefer look, gently seal with top coat. The rainbow pieces truly remind us of the confetti in Times Square.

23. Diamond Studded Tips

Alexa, play “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The ball isn’t the only thing getting the spotlight this New Year’s. Use jewels to decorate the tips of your nails and let them shine bright like a…you know.

24. The Golden Girls

“We are family. I got all my polishes with me…” Whether it’s rose gold, bronze or your classic gold, you can’t go wrong. Mix and match the shades for a multi-dimensional mani.

25. The Ball Drop

We call this one an ode to NYE. Bedazzle your tips by applying a silver glitter polish before topping them off with jewels.

26. Confetti Streamers

If you're confident with freehanding those fine, festive lines with a slim nail art brush, go forth, Picasso. (And if you need a little help like we do, some painters tape will do the trick.)

27. Golden Moon

And while we're on the topic of tape, you know those hole reinforcement stickers you used back in school? They make for great half-moon stencils on your nails as well. Just make sure to let your polish dry completely before you peel the stickers off.