24 New Year's Eve Makeup Looks, From the Classic to the Unexpected

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas already get plenty of fanfare, so we’re going to shine the spotlight on another holiday that takes place soon after: New Year’s Eve. Whether your plans involve a cozy sweater fit for a low-key gathering at home or slipping into something sparkly for a cocktail party, here are 24 makeup looks to ring in the new year.

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1. Gilded Skin

Behold: The power of good highlighter placement. See the way Katy’s skin shines along her temples, browbones, cheekbones and the tops of her shoulders? You can replicate the look by using a liquid or cream highlighter for easy blending.

2. Lilac Sparkles

Everything about this look is dreamy: the soft lilac eyeshadow, the blurred peach lips, and the barely-there glimmers of glitter floating across the lids. It’s the kind of makeup that would dress up a plain white sweater and your finest evening wear.

3. Pop Of Pink

Recently, makeup artist Kirin Bhatty added a pop of pink on Lorde’s eyelids, and we immediately took note of the way the bright shade complemented her metallic dress without competing with it.

4. Classic Pinup

You can’t get more classic than a crisp red lip and cat eye (though we appreciate the subtlety of the flick on Lily here, which makeup artist Fiona Stiles described as “a soft kitten flick”).

5. Modern Day Twiggy

The iconic ‘60s look gets an update this year with the addition of electric blue eyeliner and slightly softer lashes to balance things out.

6. Understated Glam

When you’re rocking something like a statement gown and diamond earrings, as Lea Seydoux is here (or you know, the non-red carpet version of the look), it’s best to keep your makeup simple. Think: Fresh skin, muted blush and a berry lip to add a bit of color.

7. Molten Metal Eyelids

Courtesy of the Makeup by Mario Master Metals eyeshadow palette that glides on your eyelids and leaves them *glistening.*

8. Electric Pink Lips

Fact: A swipe of the brightest pink lipstick you own will always (and instantly) make you look more awake...which is helpful when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open at midnight. (Psst, according to Robin Black, the makeup artist who created this look, the exact shade she used here is Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in “Unlocked.”)

9. Smoky Cat Eye

Smoky eye-meets-cat eye with this stunning look on makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. We love the way she softly diffused a charcoal shadow towards the inner corners of her eyes and cut the look with a sharp black line and even sharper wing.

10. Floating Eye Shadow

Here’s another fun take on the smoky eye; makeup artist Sarah Tanno used highly contrasting eyeshadows to create a graphic, almost floating effect on model Amilna Esteva.

11. Bedazzled Lids

Speaking of floating eye makeup, we love this bedazzled look on Dove Cameron, which features real Swarovski crystals.

12. Double-liner

Meet the double-eyeliner trend that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2022. Try it in black or switch up the colors depending on what you’re wearing.

13. Metallic Liner

Are you sensing a theme here? Maybe it’s a subconscious response we’re having to wearing masks for so long, but we’re noticing a lot more creativity and expression happening with eye makeup lately—and we love it.

14. Sultry And Shiny

Remember that One Republic song from a few years ago called “Stop and stare”? Yeah, that’s what people will be doing when they see you walk into that New Year’s Eve party with this electric purple eye and glistening pink lip combo.

15. Fluttery Lashes

If ever there’s a time to go all out with your lashes, it’s New Year’s Eve, right? Or the red carpet. Whichever comes first for you, darling.

16. Moody Lip

For the party goer who prefers a slightly toned down but no less glam look, we recommend a deep Bordeaux lipstick and champagne eyeshadow.

17. Inner Corner Pop

If Lorde didn’t convince you to try a pop of pink on your eyelids already, might we nudge you to give orange a try? A soft dab of the sunny hue along the inner corners will do.

18. Soft Sparkle

Because you can’t talk about glam without bringing up Beyoncé. Note the way her eyeshadow coordinates with her lipstick just so; it’s not an exact match, rather the shades are within the same color family.

19. Lime Green Accents

Sparkles optional though highly encouraged. (Makeup artist Allan Avendaño used nail jewels to create this look in case you’re looking to get crafty.)

20. Cool-toned

Everything about this look screams “New Year’s Eve” and “impossibly cool.” We’re dazzled by the way her gunmetal eyeshadow picks up similar tones in her dress and accessories.

21. Gilded Cupid’s Bow

Well, that’s a fun way to dress up a red lip now, isn’t it? Break out your glittery eyeliner and draw over just the cupid’s bow to give it a little pop of shimmer.

22. Neon Flick

You might hear the words “tangerine eyeliner” and think it would be too much, but as Naomi Osaka demonstrated, it can be incredibly refined.

23. Monochrome Ruby

Sing it with us now: “Lady in redddd!” OK, now imagine how good this would look with a LBD and a fluffy coat draped over your shoulders.

24. Refined Glam

And if you prefer something that’s a bit more understated but still impactful, here’s a softer look to consider: a wash of green eyeshadow paired with a pink lip. (Yara is wearing Dior eyeshadow in “Lucky Clover,” which is described by the brand as a “satiny pine green.”)

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