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Your best friend is religious about her weekly manicures, and your colleague is always rocking some new, trendy design. You, on the other hand, haven’t really committed to wearing any color since the '90s (when you were obsessed with that one baby blue Hard Candy polish like the rest of us). Perhaps it’s time to give it another go? We’ll ease you in with some flattering neutrals that are impossible to mess up and subtle enough for daily wear.

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A Shimmery Beige

A nude polish is always a safe bet because it goes with everything in your wardrobe and makes your fingers appear longer than they are. This one has a touch of shimmer in it that livens things up and gives your tips a nice sheen.

Jin Soon ($18)

A Semi-Sheer Nude

If you really can’t get on board with any amount of shimmer, another classic hue that has a similarly elongating effect is a barely-there nude like this one. Two coats and you’ll get just enough color to cover up any imperfections on your nails (but not so much that it doesn’t let them show through).

Essie ($12)

A Subdued Peach

First off, it’s not too bright—in case you’re worried. It’s more of a pearly peach that's almost sheer (and magically brightens up your skin when you put it on). 

Zoya ($9)

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A Pale Gray

Not too blue, not too green, not too chalky and not too stark: This gray is the perfect shade for ladies who stick to a predominately black-and-white wardrobe. It gives a subtle pop to your monochromatic style without distracting from it. 

Côte ($18)

A Periwinkle Blue

Loved the cool slate gray polish above? A gray-tinged blue is the next step to wearing a bit more color but still keeping things (reassuringly) neutral. 

OPI ($13)

A Soft Lilac

An Easter egg pastel purple this is not. Rather, it’s a dreamy lilac that is fully opaque when applied but still somehow reads soft on your nails.

Sundays ($18)

A Muted Mint

The final not-too-flashy-but-still-colorful neutral to try is a hushed green. This one is more jade than mint but just as crisp as the latter—especially against a nice summer tan. 

Tenoverten ($18)

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