The Best Hairbrush for Every Type of Hair

Just because we all need a hairbrush doesn’t mean we all need the same hairbrush—one size doesn't fit all. So we checked in with Penelope Love, a stylist at Sam Brocato Salon in New York, to get her take on the best brush to use whether your hair is super thin, super thick or somewhere in between.

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fromm hairbrush for fine hair

Thin Hair

The last thing thin-haired ladies need is a brush that’s going to make them lose even more strands. That’s where a cushioned paddle brush with boar bristles comes in. (We like this one from Fromm.) According to Love, it helps to lift hair from scalp while blow drying, creating volume at the roots while still being super gentle on finer hair.

moroccan method hairbrush
Morocco Method

Curly Hair

If you’ve got a head of wild curls, Love suggests picking up a boar bristle brush mixed with nylon, like this one from Morrocco Method. “These will create the most tension, resulting in a super shiny and smooth finish,” she says.

harry josh oval hairbrush

Frizzy Hair

Like for curly hair, Love recommends using a nylon and boar bristle brush (like this oval brush from Harry Josh) on frizzy hair. But the brush, she says, isn’t the end all, be all when it comes to keeping your frizz in check. “The most important part [of styling] frizzy hair is to dry it when it’s still wet from the shower,” she stresses. “If hair dries before the heat from the blow dryer hits, it’s impossible to get it smooth again no matter how much heat or product you use.” There you have it.

paddle brush with nylon bristles for thick hair

Thick Hair

Choosing a brush for thick hair depends on the look you’re going for. For a smoother, straighter result, opt for a paddle brush with nylon bristles, like this one from Sephora. For a bouncier style, use a nylon round brush with a ceramic barrel, like this version from Drybar. (Love tells us the ceramic barrel acts as a curler.)

best brushes denman

Natural Hair

To detangle natural hair, Love suggests using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb like this one from Natural Curls Club. To style, her pick is the classic styling brush from Denman. The base is rubber, which helps to smooth strands and prevent static, while the nylon bristles are gentle on the hair and help prevent breakage.

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