How to Clean Your Hair Brush (Because It Definitely Needs It)


It’s one of our desert island must-haves (along with sunscreen and eyeliner), but we’re ashamed to admit that we don’t treat our hair brush as nicely as we should. And if you’re anything like us, you may be researching “how to clean hair brushes” simply because you went to use it and realized, uh, wow—there’s a lot of hair and who knows what else trapped in there. That’s why we turned to a pro to find out exactly how—and how often—we should be cleaning ours, no matter what kind of brush we’re using.

Meet the Expert:

Tommy Buckett, Lead Stylist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City

First, How Often Should You Clean a Hair Brush?

“If you are wondering if it’s time to clean your brush, then it is way past time to clean your brush,” says Buckett. “Ideally, you should clean your brush after each use, but at a minimum, you definitely want to clean it on a weekly basis.”

Weekly? Why Do I Need to Clean It So Often?

“Clean brushes work better when they don’t have excess hair trapped in them, or excess product being spread around, which can actually make your roots greasy,” he explains. “Also, using a clean brush will help you with your at-home blowouts because you get a better grip on the hair for tension needed to smooth it out,” he adds.

If you (like us) are thinking, still, who has the time to clean their brush every day? Buckett assures the process doesn’t have to be complicated.

How to Clean a Hair Brush in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Start by taking a strong, wide tooth comb and rake it through the bristles of your brush to loosen any hair that is stuck. 

Step 2: Next, sanitize the brush with some alcohol. (Buckett recommends decanting it into an empty spray bottle, so you can easily spritz down your brush.)

Step 3: Let the brush air dry completely before your next use.

“It’s safe to use alcohol on plastic or metal of any kind, but for boar bristle or natural-fiber brushes, swap the alcohol for mild soap and water,” he says, before concluding: “When in doubt, clean it out.”

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