8 Beauty Trends We're Ready to Say Goodbye to This Fall

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Fall is a great time to try a new hair color or experiment with your makeup. But as we say hello to new trends in the season ahead, we’re also ready to bid farewell to some of the popular looks that dominated this summer. Ahead, a few experts guide us through the beauty trends to leave behind this fall (and share the ones to try out instead). 

9 Fall Beauty Trends to Know Now (Before Everyone Else)

Meet the Experts:

1. Minimal Makeup Looks

While minimalist makeup looks dominated most of the year (think: skin tints, glossy lips and subtle blush), we’re bringing back full faces for the season ahead. “No-makeup makeup looks are always going to be fresh and chic, but it seems to be on its way out as a trend this fall. Now it’s being replaced by what I recently heard another artist call "more-makeup makeup," says Patinkin. “While we're not going completely back to the heavy-handed, YouTube makeup era of the 20-teens, we are seeing a lot more of 'anything goes' these days. Think small touches that are creative, colorful and deliberately applied,” she adds. 

What to Do Instead: Invest in a colorful eyeshadow palette, eyeliner pencils or eye paint. Use these bright shades to experiment with your eye makeup. Also throwing in a bold matte lip and contouring with your blush can add to the overall aesthetic. 

2. Brow Lamination

This brow treatment was everywhere over the last two years, but it looks like fluffy brows are making a comeback. “Lamination makes the brows pin straight. It’s like a perm for your brows. However, I think after people have done it more than once, they realize that it can be very drying and damaging to the brow hairs,” says Healy. “Now, people are all about nourishing their brows for fall. They’re using conditioning serums and not torturing their brows with a chemical lamination process. Plus, many are looking for more texture, body and a low-maintenance look.”

What to Do Instead: Use a clear brow gel to shape your brows. Also, step up your grooming game by learning to trim, brush and condition your brows at home. 

3. Platinum Bleach Blondes

ICYMI: Expensive hair is the hair color of the season, so expect platinum strands to slowly sizzle out in the upcoming months. “We’re taking a vacation from bleach blondes to embrace beige and sandy tones that better fit our warmer wardrobes in the fall,” says Stenson. “This shift allows us to maintain a subtle and flattering brightness, while focusing more on the health of our hair and treating it so it has a shinier, more luxurious finish.”

What to Do Instead: Stenson suggests asking a stylist to adjust your tone (rather than taking matters into your own hands) and adding a shampoo and conditioner combo that encourages healthy hair repair and adds strength back to your strands. 

4. Classic Cat Eye

We're looking beyond the classic cat eye in favor of more exaggerated iterations like siren eyes and reverse cat eyes. Basically, we’re ready to extend our wings this fall. “The classic cat eye seems to be sought after less and less these days. But there’s no reason to be sad because the looks that seem to be taking its place are just as exciting,” says Alexandra. “I’ve noticed many types of graphic liner looks and different shapes for winged liner. Of them all, one of the styles that stood out to me the most is the downturned liner look.”

What to Do Instead: As mentioned, play around with extending your wing past the outer and inner corners of your eyes. You can also just focus on your water line or draw intricate lines near the brow bone. All you need is an eyeliner (or some eyeshadow and a fine-tipped brush) to get the job done. 

5. Glazed Donut Nails

This nail trend was the talk of the town after Hailey Bieber wore them to the Met Gala earlier this year. The allure of the shiny, frosted manicure had everyone recreating the look. While we don't want to give up that translucent finish just yet, we are looking to warm up the colors for fall—starting with a chocolate brown hue that's sure to elevate the plain glazed donut style.

What to Do Instead: Grab your favorite brown polish (we recommend Deborah Lippman, OPI and Essie) and add a layer of shimmer on top to achieve that chrome effect.

6. Microblading

Another brow treatment we’re leaving behind is microblading. “After being in the trend wheel for nearly half a decade, people are starting to see the disappointing results of microblading as it ages over the years,” says Healy. “The constant touch ups required with microblading can turn your brows into a muddy mess. As the color naturally lifts over time, it can start to take on a reddish or blue finish.” He adds, “I believe people are realizing this and starting to opt out of touch ups. There are really no shortcuts to getting natural-looking brows. You have to put in consistent time, effort and energy to get lasting results.”

What to Do Instead: Healy suggests trying a temporary tinting treatment or filling in your brows at home with a pencil, powder or pomade instead. 

7. Inverted Bob

We love a bob, but this specific style isn't making the cut this season. “Keeping the short back and leaving longer lines in the front are a thing of the past. Victoria Beckham made this cut popular in the 90s, but now it’s taken a turn,” says Korab. “Bobs are still very much trending, but they’ve evolved. We’re now seeing straighter, single-length bobs, as well as textured bobs.”

What to Do Instead: The “Italian Bob” (or any of these trendy bobs) are sure to be great references for your next salon appointment. 

8. Balayaged Hair

As we inch towards the colder months, Cleveland sees the subtle balayage look that dominated the summer taking a backseat to more impactful highlights this fall. Since popular shades like "Expensive Bronde," "Fall Ombré," and "Baby Blonde" are slowly coming into play, more people are looking into getting bolder, brighter layers of highlights. In short, subtlety is out the window.

What to Do Instead: One word: Foilyage. The technique still involves keeping lighter strands throughout your hair. However, the process adds foils, so the color lasts longer and produces a brighter look—minus the high maintenance treatment of standard balayage.