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The ’90s were an interesting time for beauty. We kicked off the decade inspired by grunge (the darker your lipstick, the better) and ended it with future-worshipping pop music and all that came with it (high ponytails, opalescent lip gloss and glitter everything). Guess what? Many of these looks are back and (thankfully) a bit more refined now. Here are seven of our favorites with their modern updates.

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Hair Barrettes and Clips

Anyone else have vivid memories (or more unfortunately, pictures) of wearing your hair parted down the middle with two plastic barrettes on either side? Today, hair accoutrements have returned, but this time it looks more like sleek metallic accessories dressing up your messy buns.

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Shaggy Haircuts

Ah, the Rachel…aka the haircut that defined the decade. Thankfully, the feathered strands of yore have now been reincarnated into long, layered lobs with a few face-framing pieces in the front. So think less Meg Ryan and more Alexa Chung.

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Brown Lipstick

Back then every cool girl from Gwen to Drew (and Kate to Naomi) wore muddy-looking lipsticks with names like Rum Raisin and Chocolate Teddy. For 2017, try something with more berry tones to it and make sure the liner is in a similar shade (or skip it altogether).

Bright Blue Eye Makeup

Then: Bright blue (and usually frosted) shadows were worn all the way up the lid until it grazed your brows. Now: You’ll see it more as a subtle flick of liner or smudge of cobalt shadow along the outer corners of the eyes.

Frosted Shimmers and Glitters

Speaking of frosty lids, there was not enough roll-on glitter in the world (or at our local Claire’s) to satisfy our need for sparkle. And as much fun as that was, we’re just keeping it to a little sheen on our cheekbones (and maybe some pearly cream shadow on our lids) for now.

French Tips

Have a special place in your heart for all things holographic? (We get it.) Try it on your tips with some trendy foil and negative space for a modern-day take on the French mani.

High Ponytails

Britney favored this look during her “Oops! I Did It Again” days—as did Topanga in Boy Meets World. And whereas the ponies used to literally sit at the top of your head with severely straightened strands and a scrunchie, lately we’ve seen ladies like J.Lo and Beyoncé rock it with textured curls and barely there accessories.

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