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Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 10 to 16

This week is Valentine’s Day, and as if on cue, the angstiest planet, Mars, will enter chiller, more serene sign Taurus. This movement will help us focus our energy into deeper, more tangible goals. Also, it’ll calm us down a little. (Exhale.) That’s the greatest gift of love we could receive from the universe.

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10 Aquarius  

You're not necessarily in the mood for solitude, Aquarius, but you may not feel the need to wander too far from the homestead to find amusement. The best plans may involve friends or family coming to you, in which case, don't hesitate to whip out the nice plates and go all in on playing host. If you've been itching for a reason to try out a new vegan pasta recipe or apple cider pear cake, make your guests your lucky guinea pigs.

11 Pisces  

Whether or not you have love-love in your life right now, you are a lover of many things, Pisces. This week, you may want to explore more of your interests—French poetry, horror films, multivariable calculus, how to make the perfect taco, etc. Indulge your inner nerd and bring along your nerdiest friend. You likely have several options on that front, which is another example of the universe’s abundance, Pisces.

12 Aries  

You’re in the right frame of mind to re-think what you own. This doesn’t have to be a full-out exercise in what sparks joy, especially if you go beyond your immediate possessions. What parts of your life really reflect you and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t? You’ll be clearer on those answers than you ever have been, so it’s essential you write this all down so that you remember (whether that’s in your journal or your notes app).

1 Taurus  

Mars in your sign always means more energy, Taurus, so use this turbo boost to get a few things done that have lingered on your to-do list. Whether it’s making that dental appointment you’ve put off for a few months years or reading the entirety of War and Peace, you can do anything. So…do everything.

2 Gemini  

Gemini, your mind may jump from topic to topic like a monkey on a branch (hold on, looking up “spider monkeys” now…), but this week is your chance to focus on one thing. Whether that means following every piece of news that comes out of the El Chapo trial or simply doubling down on your winter skin-care regime (dry brushing followed by copious amounts of lotion), this is your chance to think vertical about one thing as opposed to horizontal about many.

3 Cancer  

If you’ve been nesting lately (which you’re known to do…), it’s time to get out of the house and be with your friends. This is a social week for you, and if you need it to be structured and calendared (brunch at noon, indoor botanical garden at 1:30 p.m. sharp), that’s fine. But the world misses you, and you love to be missed, remember?

4 Leo  

You may experience a personal breakthrough this week. Whether that’s hitting a milestone at work, becoming a parent or grandparent for the first time or winning the lead in the spring semester musical, your potential is soaring, and no one will be able to deny your talent. Some stars are made, not born.

5 Virgo  

Your wanderlust may go from 2 to 11 this week, and if you’re not already planning a trip, you may want to begin. As the zodiac’s master of details, you’ve probably accumulated some good intel about when to shop for the best prices on flights, hotels and tours, so you’re never really starting from scratch. Which means you could see yourself on a white-sanded beach as soon as…the weekend?

6 Libra  

If you find your thoughts returning to your bank account, you may feel inspired to take up a money-saving strategy for the rest of the month (or beyond). Whether you’re trying to grow your retirement, savings or investments, or just trying to quit your takeout habit, you know you could be a little wiser about your pennies.

7 Scorpio  

Valentine’s Day is extra sweet for you if you’re married or seriously dating someone. You may get engaged (!) or renew your vows or launch a joint venture. The point is, this week is all about what your partnership gives you that you can’t get alone, and how someone can turn your living situation into a life. And yeah, feel free to bring that appreciation to the bedroom, too...

8 Sagittarius  

They say if you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know. That might be you this week, Sagittarius. But just because you’re on a roll doesn’t mean you’re obligated to take on additional work from those who see your hustle (especially emotional labor). Practice setting boundaries and saying no. You can do it and still be liked, promise.


If you’re an artist or creative in some way (and who isn’t?), this is an excellent week to finish that dress pattern or draft that monologue. You’ll likely not only produce something excellent that you feel really proud of, but you’ll inspire others as well. Don't be surprised when people want to know your secrets (even if you have no intention of sharing). That's how you know you're onto something.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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