Galentine’s Is So 2018. In 2019, We’re Hosting Smart Salons

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Credit where credit is due: We'd like to thank Amy Poehler Leslie Knope for gifting us with the concept of Galentine's Day circa 2013. 

But since Parks and Recreation has been off the air for closing in on four years now, we think it's time to retire the term—and replace it with a Valentine's celebration that feels a lot more 2019.

Enter the Smart Salon, an idea introduced to us by Kiki O'Keefe, PureWow's resident astrologer.

It works like this: Come Valentine's Day, send a group text invitation (or Paperless Post—whatever your style) to your friends who not only don't have February 14 plans, but they also couldn't give two hoots about the love-focused holiday.

Then, ahead of their arrival, prep a handful of topics (say, three to five) related to things currently going on in the news, but also assign a moderator (i.e., one of your guests) to get the conversation—salon, if you will—going so that people feel engaged and ready to discuss.

No, the topics don't have to be political (although they can be if you want). You could bring up movies, books, fashion, culture, sports—whatever you feel passionate about.

The goal is that everyone leaves feeling like they learned something and with their eyes (and hearts) a bit more open. After all, isn't that what love is all about?

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