Your February 2019 Horoscopes

This February comes in like a lamb and out like a lion. Philosophically speaking, it’s pretty much the opposite of March.

In the beginning of the month, we are blessed with a gentle, benevolent new moon in Aquarius on the 4th, which brings forgiveness, hope and good luck for new chapters we want to write. On Valentine’s Day, energetic Mars will move into sweet, placid Taurus, breathing life and fire into our passion projects.

But then, winter is coming in the form of the Snow Moon on the 19th. Though it’s not a blood moon, it is a lunar eclipse and a big old supermoon (again!), so any issues raised will be magnified with higher stakes than usual. This full moon is in Virgo and opposed by Mercury and Neptune, which means we will be susceptible to false, easy solutions and magical thinking. The trick will be to keep our wits salty and practical, because it’ll be the less glamorous road that will ultimately lead us out of the woods. 

10 aquarius

The new moon on the 4th is in your sign, Aquarius! Any wishes or hopes will carry extra potency coming from you, so really think about how you want your year to go—not just the month. If you’re organizing your goals from big picture down to small strategies, try to come up with a few actions you can immediately take that will pay dividends all year, like upping the contributions in your retirement account, signing up for French classes, downloading a meditation app, etc. This is your time, Aquarius, so seize the moment, one baby step at a time.

This Valentine’s Day, you might want to host a little get together for singles or couples who also want to celebrate the love of friendship in their life. If you’ve always wanted to attempt a homemade chocolate mousse or sourdough bread, let this party be fertile ground for your domestic experiments. Your Valentine may be your newfound talent for separating egg whites.

The Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th might bring you some bad news about your partner’s income. Maybe they didn’t get a raise they were up for, or they owe more in taxes than they thought. If you’re separating, this moon could bring tension around dividing assets. The danger is that reality will not live up to your most optimistic hopes, so go slowly in all negotiations and get everything in writing. You can even write that down, too.

11 pisces

For you, the new moon in Aquarius on the 4th will grant you some much-needed peace of mind. It’s a priceless gift, and you want to accommodate it by moving stressful items off your calendar at that time. Dentist checkup that’s not urgent? Catching up with that one friend who loves to one-up you (if you got caught in the rain, she was swimming in a flood)?

Slide those appointments over to next week. Let the beams of serenity shine on your brain and be present for the delightful nothingness of it all.

If you want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, don’t hold back, Pisces! Take your boo to a burlesque show, feed each other chocolate-covered strawberries, write each other corny love poems on purpose (and then laugh at each other when you both cry anyway). Or if you’re unentangled (let this catch on as a preferable term to single!), get together at the least romantic bar you can find and host an informal salon on politics, fashion and culture. Whatever stereotype you are feeling, lean into it with gusto.

If you’re married, the Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th may upset your happy home. Secrets will come out at this time, so you can do your part to prepare by coming clean about anything you think your partner would want to know. Full moons expose weaknesses so that we can discard them with confidence, and if you’ve been indulging in a romantic narrative that may not accurately depict your relationship, you may be asked to shed that unrealistic framing. Note: that’s not the same as shedding the partnership itself. It may just be the rosy glasses that have to go.


12 aries

February begins so sweetly for you, Aries. On the 4th, the new moon in Aquarius wants you to get out of the house and mingle. If you’ve been hesitating to move past the small talk phase with the other parents in your ’hood, now’s the time to plant your flag in this group. You will be loved and accepted, dammit. The moon demands it.

On Valentine’s Day, your ruling planet, Mars, will send you something valuable. Whether that’s literal monetary value or a thoughtful gift from someone who loves you (aww), the universe is in the mood to give you a present.

The Virgo Snow Moon supermoon on the 19th will challenge you physically. Don’t skip any physicals, blood work or checkups you may be overdue for. It’s possible you’ve been stretching your body to its limits, maybe neglecting sleep or not stretching enough after exercise. Whatever step you’re skipping, you need it more than you think this time.

1 taurus

The new moon in Aquarius on the 4th is incredible for your career, fame and position in society. You could win a lifetime achievement award in your field, you could be named PTA Mom of the Year, you could even get married. Whatever ladder you’re on, this lunation can help you ascend at least one rung.

Valentine’s Day brings the energy and sexual prowess of Mars into your sign. That makes you more likely to shine, more effective in everything you wish to do and more irresistible to potential mates! If you’re single, you might luxuriate in your solitude as a point of pride, pampering yourself on this day in a way only you can. (Wink wink.)

The Virgo Snow Moon supermoon on the 19th could affect your children (or pet children), if you have them. They might face conflict with their friends or lose a crucial game, whether that’s T-ball or varsity football. You might feel completely powerless to help and protect in these instances, and this is a hard thing to accept. But you can’t superhero them away from pain. Still, listening and validating their feelings might be just as powerful. Maybe even more so.

2 gemini

February’s new moon on the 4th is in fellow air sign Aquarius, and it may open up an academic opportunity for you. If you’ve been worried about a particular class or getting the right thesis adviser for the semester, you’ll find doors opening for you at this time.

You might want to have a quiet Valentine’s Day, Gemini. Even if you’ve got a significant other, the best plans might involve a couple’s massage or a night in watching one of the Fyre Festival documentaries. If you can find a way to a) quiet the chatter that is always going on in your brain, and b) feel really present in your body, you’re doing it right.

Ouch, the Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th could trigger a meltdown at home. You might have had unrealistic expectations about how renovating your kitchen was going to go (was under budget and ahead of schedule too much to ask?), or possibly everyone you share your home with decides to irritate you until you want to tear your hair out (a roommate clipping their toenails on the couch is grounds for eviction, right?). Take a deep breath and focus your energy on something physical—even if it’s just writing an angry letter and then tossing it in the trash.

3 cancer

The month opens on a lovely new moon in Aquarius on the 4th, and if you’re dividing assets with an ex, you may both get what you want if you negotiate during this lunation. Ditto if you’re waiting on a settlement from a lawsuit or winnings from a recently-won bet about Oscar nominations. You have a real window for a windfall.

On Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to celebrate every kind of love in your life, not just romantic—that means calling your brother in Portland, DMing your friend doing her clinical rotation in Boca and saying yes to any friend or Galentine’s celebrations you’re invited to as much as you utterly loathe the word “Galentine’s.” Don’t worry: If you’re partnered up, you’ll still have plenty of energy to end the night with a bang (wink wink).

The Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th might interrupt your previously scheduled itinerary, especially if you were going to travel. Expect to encounter unplanned delays and detours, as you realize that you only thought you thought of everything when you were planning. Don’t be afraid to cut your losses and stay overnight somewhere if need be. You need a good night’s sleep, and driving through the night is a fool’s errand, not a hero’s journey.

4 leo

February’s new moon in Aquarius on the 4th brings an early Valentine’s Day vibe to your marriage. This is a particularly romantic day (and week), and you may re-commit to each other in some way after this lunation. If you’re engaged, you might be tying the knot very soon, and if you’re dating, you could get engaged! And of course, if you’re not dating and want to be, you might meet that person. The (figurative) glow of this moon will shine upon all lions.

Actual Valentine’s Day is bringing you motivation and hustle around your career and fame house. Even if you’ve got plans with your significant other or your friends, do one thing that’s just for you—even if it’s a simple to-do list. Preparation starts in the mind (even if your mind is also thinking about eating chocolate later).

For you, the Snow Moon Virgo supermoon on the 19th might be a harsh financial wake-up call. With wage growth worldwide not accelerating at a pace any of us would like, and prices pretty much staying where they are, it’s not your fault if you’re suddenly hit with a feeling of brokeness. It’s possible you’ve been a little unrealistic about inflows and outflows, and keeping a money diary or scheduling some zero-dollar days may help you out. If you want to use that diary to vent about your feelings about money, too, go right ahead.

5 virgo

If you’ve been sending out résumés, the new moon in Aquarius on the 4th is when you might catch a break. This is one of the most auspicious events for your job hunt, and you may soon land a few more interviews than you even expected. Tip: if you’re a student and you know you will need to job hunt in a few months, you may want to use this lunation to start now.

On Valentine’s Day, don’t shy away from a little travel, whether it’s with your friends, your family or your significant other. If you feel the pangs of wanderlust tugging at your heart, this is the holiday to listen to your heart and follow it wherever it takes you, whether that’s to Bali or Kansas City.

The Snow Moon supermoon on the 19th is in your sign, Virgo, and you may feel it harder than others. Remember, full moons always wrap up some tension that’s been brewing for a while, so pay attention to any foreshadowing of life events. If you’ve felt on eggshells with a partner or best friend, you know that’s the relationship in focus. Or if it’s depression or feelings of hopelessness that seem to recur, pop into therapy and take some self-care steps now. It’s your Snow Moon, Virgo, so while it will be intense, you’ll know best how to mitigate the impact.

6 libra

The new moon in Aquarius on the 4th is one of the friendliest times for you to meet someone who gives you sparks, Libra. If you’ve been too busy with work or life or kids or everything to pay attention to dating or who you’ve been swiping on the apps, this lunation may introduce you to someone you won’t be able to ignore.

Whether you’re making a big deal about Valentine’s Day or not, this might kick off a period of self-exploration. Mars is moving into your house of deep desires, other people’s money and the things you want but don’t (yet) have. That will give you energy to introspect and realign your actions to reflect your goals. Whether that includes a raise, a house, a partner or some time alone, it’s all about you getting what you want.

The Snow Moon supermoon on the 19th is in Virgo, the sign of self-sacrifice and hard work, and it may present difficult emotional burdens. If you suffer from depression or other mental health issues, they could flare up around this time. Take care to avoid situations where you may be potentially triggered, and maybe preemptively schedule a personal day if you can. Whether or not you’re truly an introvert, you can cosplay as one for this moon.

7 scorpio

The Aquarius new moon on the 4th may endow you with the power of hospitality, and you may want to host a theme party or a game night. If you do, invite friends from all corners of your life who would otherwise not have a chance to meet. Make your home a nexus of many different worlds. Who knows? Maybe in a few years, you’ll be giving a toast at the wedding of people whose meet-cute was playing Settlers of Catan in your living room.

Meanwhile, your partnership sector is getting major heat from Mars this Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might feel more physically connected than usual, and you may not make it out to whatever date you had planned. Valentine’s Day in bed (promptly followed by a late-night snack) sounds better than dinner, doesn’t it?

Beware of showdowns between friends, members of your political party, book club or any other group you’re part of. The Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th will magnetize any tensions or dramas that have been ongoing, and even if you’re technically on the sidelines, it may seriously stress you out. If you can vent to an unaffiliated friend (whose express consent you secure ahead of time!), then do it. You can return to the fold post-catharsis.

8 sagittarius

The Aquarius new moon on the 4th presents an opportunity to bond with close family members, particularly siblings or cousins. This would be an excellent time for a family reunion or to begin the process of planning one. Gather all ye email addresses, the Hotmails and the Netscapes alike, and commence party planning for your tribe!

This Valentine’s Day may arrive at a time when you’re too stressed out to enjoy it. Maybe you’ve taken on too many obligations lately, and this would be a great day to just veg out. If you can get your beloved on board, perhaps rain check the entire holiday (which is made up, technically, since time is a construct)? Think about how crowded your favorite restaurant won’t be the following week. You’re naturally persuasive, Sagittarius. You got this.

The Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th may introduce an obstacle in your career path. Perhaps your company hired a consultant who is scrutinizing everything you do. Or maybe there’s an updated industry exam you thought you’d never have to take again. Whatever it is, it will shake your confidence in yourself and your contributions. The way to deal is to become your own auditor and really evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. When you get in touch with your own value, it’s harder for someone else to knock you off your center. But it’s only human to get a little rattled, so be easy on yourself, too.


February opens with a lucky lunation for making you money! The new moon in Aquarius on the 4th is your cosmic window to fatten your wallet. Whether that’s getting your taxes right, investing a little bit more than you planned or following up with people who owe you cash (uncomfortable, but necessary), you will likely get what you ask for and then some.

This is the most romantic Valentine’s Day for you, Capricorn! You’re not usually a mush-ball, but this is a really sweet day for inside jokes, elaborate gifts, long walks on the beach, horse and buggy rides, etc.! But seriously, this day (and weekend) is all about the high romance that you save for special occasions.

In-laws and extendeds got you down? The Snow Moon supermoon in Virgo on the 19th might be brutal for family outside of your immediate nucleus. If there have been tense discussions around wills, settlements or estates, expect those conversations to reach a boil around this full moon. Your best armor will be realistic expectations: These battles are often as much about pride as the resources themselves, so compromises are harder to come by. If you can steel yourself for a few battle losses, you may win the war.

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