There are 4 Different Types of Introverts, Which One Are You?

Yay: Thanks to hygge, Susan Cain's amazing book Quiet and the self-care movement, it's officially cool to be an introvert. But before you spend your Saturday on the couch with your cat and a copy of Jane Eyre, know that not all introverts are created equal. According to psychologist Jonathan Cheek, there are actually four types of introverts, ranging from fairly chill in social situations to totally anxious, even one-on-one. Which type are you? Find out below.

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1. Social Introvert

If you had your ideal night, you'd prefer hanging out with a small group of friends (going to the movies or to dinner would be perfect). But if you're invited to a party, you'll still go and have a great time. You definitely need some time to recharge after doing a lot of socializing—try spending the next day relaxing on your own to achieve the best balance.

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2. Thinking Introvert

When your friends start chatting about the new episode of The Handmaid's Tale, you're the one with the least to say. But it's not because you're too shy to speak up or don't want to be there. It's because your head's in the clouds, and you're daydreaming about writing your own TV show. You're so creative and imaginative, the thoughts running through your mind provide the best entertainment.

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3. Anxious Introvert

The night before that big group dinner, it starts. What should I wear? What if I run out of things to talk about? What if I have to sit on the end and the person next to me drones on and on about hockey the whole night? Whether it's one person or 100, it's hard for you to get through a social interaction without overthinking everything. (Psst, have you tried meditation?)

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4. Restrained Introvert

Your friend asks if you want to try the new Mexican place or stick with your usual Thai spot for dinner on Friday...and it takes you the entire week to decide. In fact, you analyze everything before you do it. This makes you appear reserved, quiet and a tad slow-moving to the outside world. The good news: Once you decide, you're totally sure. Thai. Done.

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