Yikes, There's a New Resumé Rule We Definitely Didn't Know About

woman handing a piece of paper across a table

Resumés are sort of like snowflakes in that they're all different, content-wise. But we can all agree on basic formatting rules, right? Not so fast.

Contrary to everything we've ever been told about job searching, employers might prefer a two-page resumé. Umm...what?

New research from résumé-writing service ResumeGo found that job recruiters were more than twice as likely to prefer two-page resumés over one-page resumes.

The study involved 482 hiring professionals, who were put through a hiring simulation in which they were asked to screen for different positions.

Out of the 7,712 resumés that participants chose in the simulated hiring process, a whopping 5,375 of these resumés were two pages long. Additionally, job level did make a difference in how effective a one- versus two-page resumé was. Hiring pros were 1.4 times as likely to prefer two-page resumés when it came to entry-level jobs, but 2.9 times as likely to prefer two-page resumés when it came to managerial-level jobs.

Anyone else reaching deep into their reservoir of "special skills" right about now?

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