The *One* Destination Everyone Wants to Visit in 2019

bali indonesia 728

Every year has its breakout destination—that one place everyone suddenly descends upon and blows up your Instagram feed with. There was Tulum, Iceland and we can’t forget anywhere that Harry and Meghan step foot in (Botswana, anyone?).

And now, in 2019, it seems that place is Bali.

According to Kayak, the Indonesian island has seen an increase of 65 percent in searches in the past year, and we can’t help but wonder why?

Who are we kidding? We know exactly why. Bali is an aspirational paradise replete with lush, tropical surroundings, pristine beaches, thousands of historic and spiritual temples and a beautifully rich local culture. Not to mention, there are some luxe travel lodgings, too—like this seven-guest Airbnb—that also happen to be a great value.

So, if you’re aching to beat the crowds to the hottest destination of the year, we suggest you book a flight stat. Remember to pack your swimsuit.

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