Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 20 to 26, 2020

We’ve made it to the final full week of 2020 and we’re picking up just where last week left off. The change keeps coming, so hang on tight! On the 20th, Mercury, freshly out of the heart of the sun, moves into pragmatic Capricorn and gives our communications a groundedness that’s been missing since late September. The winter solstice arrives on the 21st as the sun moves into Capricorn, the sign of wise sweethearts who always get things done—like Dolly Parton and Timothée Chalamet. Happy birthday to our sea goats!

Beyond just the solstice and beginning of Capricorn season, the 21st is also a day that has been circled in astrologers’—and astronomers’—calendars for years. It marks the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a cultural reset that only happens once every 20 years. Jupiter is the zeitgeist and Saturn is the structure of society. The last time this monumental happening occurred was just after Y2K. This conjunction also resets a 200-year elemental period. We are moving from an earth age that saw us mining the land for natural resources and into an air age that will see us diving into the depths of social connection and technology. Simply put, the Zoom meetings are not going away but as a tradeoff, things are not going to be as literally or metaphorically heavy. Look to the western horizon just after sunset on the day of to catch a glimpse of this bright, remarkable omen.

The week closes out with the final harsh square between aggressive Mars and Pluto, which resolves a power struggle we’ve been caught in since August 13th. Then on the 25th, the moon is in Taurus, bringing comfort, delicious food and plenty of naps. Mercury trines innovative Uranus on the same day, helping us navigate all the technical issues of remote holiday celebrations with ease. Maybe opening presents over Zoom isn’t so bad after all? At the very least, it’s a challenge to think differently.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)


It’s your season, Capricorn! And with Mercury also in your sign, you’re feeling seen, heard and understood. Your coworkers are getting your jokes in the Zoom chat, and your boyfriend finally started listening and buying the oat milk you like. After months of feeling like you were screaming into the void, this is such a relief! Get excited for the 25th, which offers a sweet moment for you to connect with your kids or your inner-child. The Great Conjunction on the 21st falls in your finance sector and is an invitation to shed tired beliefs about your money, values and self-esteem. You get things because you deserve them.

This week’s mantra: Abundance is a mindset, not a goal.

10 aquarius

You’re in the spotlight this week, Aquarius! Though Capricorn season is usually a retreat or hibernation period for you, with the Great Conjunction happening in your sign, you can’t stay out of the action. Having this auspicious planetary alignment in your sign should be taken as a nod to your achievements. You’re extremely capable, and we’re collectively entering an era where you’re meant to lead! This starts with a strong self-care routine. Treat your mind, body and soul so you can keep showing up to do the work.

This week’s mantra: Care is essential.

11 pisces

Let yourself drift away this week, Pisces. Take an extra nap (...or five). Give yourself permission to take a long break from work, school and any other regularly scheduled programming. The Great Conjunction on the 21st falls in the part of your chart which represents dreams, the unconscious and what’s unknown. And with your ruling planet, Jupiter, traveling through this sector for the next year as well, you’re being asked to examine your fears, anxieties and doubts around losing control. What’s so bad about not having all the answers anyway? You know better than anyone that reality is overrated.

This week’s mantra: Let go.

12 aries

With Mercury and the sun moving into Capricorn this week, you’re back to being super focused on your career. And on the 23rd, you might get the apology you’ve been waiting for since August from your boss. It’s like your opinion finally matters again! But with the Great Conjunction on the 21st falling in your friends and community sector, remember that you didn’t get where you at alone. It’s a new era for attracting a strong support system and getting powerful players on your team. Reach out for help.

This week’s mantra: There’s no “I” in team.

1 taurus

Capricorn season is when you usually want to set sail, take a spiritual retreat or snuggle by the fire and finally finish reading that pile of thrillers stacking up on your nightstand. But with the Great Conjunction on the 21st marking the start of a new era for your career, you can’t focus on exploration alone. If you’re considering some major career moves, start putting out feelers this week. Even if you don’t hear back from any contacts until 2021, you’ll feel lighter once you begin the search. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

This week’s mantra: Don’t be surprised when everyone’s looking at you.

2 gemini

Whether you’re planning an overseas move, working on an application for grad school or diving into an online herbalism course, the Great Conjunction on the 21st marks a new era for you in long-distance travel and higher education. You’ve always been a student at heart but now it’s time to get serious about the things you want to learn. Mercury’s shift into Capricorn also has your mind on the money you have to spend to make these dreams come true. This debt is worth it though, and on the 25th, look out for a creative financial solution.

This week’s mantra: Knowledge is power.

3 cancer

The Great Conjunction on the 21st falls in your shared resources sector. You’ve spent the last few years figuring out what you want in a commitment and so now, it’s time to go into business together! Just kidding! You don’t need to open a bespoke plant shop with your partner. But you are beginning a new era for loans and investments. Though you’ve been wary in the past, now’s the time to invest some of your savings and consider what’s worth the debt. If you don’t know where to start, your friends certainly have some advice.

This week’s mantra: Many risks are worth taking.

4 leo

Take pleasure in doing the dishes, Leo. Seriously. Though the structures of your life have been causing you grief—and sending you on endless trips to the DMV—for years, Capricorn season is an invitation to get satisfaction from the mundane. The Great Conjunction on the 21st also marks a new era for your relationships and commitments. If you’re partnered, use this as an opportunity to get real about who’s doing all the work in the relationship. If you’re single, start manifesting the match of your dreams! Rituals are chores too.

This week’s mantra: Structure contains release.

5 virgo

This week is all about knowing how to embrace pleasures while keeping up with responsibilities. With Saturn finally out of your romance sector and Capricorn season kicking off on the 21st, you’re excited about dating for the first time in years. But with the Great Conjunction taking place simultaneously in your house of daily chores, you’re immediately reminded that even casual flings take a lot of work. Mercury making a supportive connection to Uranus on the 25th inspires you to get creative with your conversation starters on the apps though. Find someone who can keep up with your style.

This week’s mantra: Let it be a labor of love.

6 libra

Get comfortable, Libra! This winter solstice marks the first time you’ve felt “at home” in years, and you’re ready to hibernate until the spring—your new apartment has a fireplace after all! But, it’s also time to open your heart to romance. The Great Conjunction on the 21st marks a fresh start for your dating life and creative endeavors. Why not download the apps again just to see who’s around? You’re no longer interested in doing things “just to have a good time” but strangely, you’re finally enjoying yourself. It’s OK to take pleasure seriously.

This week’s mantra: Joy comes from stability.

7 scorpio

The winter solstice inspires you to catch up with old friends and reconnect with the places you’ve been missing around the neighborhood. Grab a coffee and tip your barist kindly. The Great Conjunction on the 21st marks a new era for your home and family life. You’ve let yourself simply get by on a living situation that works for the last few years, but what would it be like if you were comfortable enough to actually thrive? If you’re thinking about moving (cities or to a new apartment), start looking into what’s available.

This week’s mantra: It’s OK to want something bigger.

8 sagittarius

You’re feeling especially generous this holiday season. You’ve released yourself from the scarcity mindset that dominated the last few years and are living in a refreshing state of abundance. With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in a friendlier sign, you’re also just feeling better in your body and mind. You’re less rundown and more excited about self-care. The Great Conjunction on the 21st signals a new era for your close connections and environment. Whether you’re moving far away or staying put, you’re examining the world through a different lens.

This week’s mantra: When you feel good, share it.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...