10 Tips for An Easier Move

Pack better to stay saner

Moving into a new place can be fun, scary, hard, exciting and, usually, all of that at once. Approach the transition like the hyper-organized pro you are by learning our best stay-organized, stay-sane tricks.


Color-code Your Boxes

Scrawling “kitchen” in black Sharpie is only going to leave you (and your helpers) squinting when you get to the new place. Instead, use colored dot stickers on every side of each box so things can quickly be shuttled to the right spot. (Think red for living room, green for master bedroom, etc.)


Buy Moving Insurance

Many moving companies have built-in insurance, but it’s based on weight, not the value of items. Ask if you can purchase full-coverage insurance for an additional fee.


Pack With Paper

Do you still get a big, real-life New York Times on Sundays? Use the paper you already have sitting around instead of bubble wrap to pad your dishes and other breakables.


Raid Your Liquor Store

It'll have tons of boxes with handy built-in dividers for keeping wine bottles--as well as glassware, bud vases and olive oil--safe and organized.


Use Clear Bins For Important Stuff

You’re going to need your cleaning supplies, alarm clock and remote control right away, so pack those essentials in clear plastic bins so you can find them without going through a Big Dig.


Use The Boxes You Already Have

You can fit a lot of stuff in that gigantic suitcase you bought for your European adventure. Ditto for your wicker laundry hamper and your vast selection of leather tote bags. Fill ’em up!


Snap Away

Take pictures of your new place before you move in so you can mentally start planning what goes where. Likewise, take pictures of how things are set up in your old place--how your books were arranged, how your electronics were hooked up--so it’s easy to get everything up and running again.

Send Stuff To Yourself

If it’s a long-distance move, get a head start by using an app like Shyp to mail packages without ever having to step foot in a FedEx store. Shyp will even box your stuff for you.


Become A Craigslist Whiz

For unloading big-ticket items, Craigslist is way better than a yard sale. With the Craigslist Pro app installed on your phone, you can walk around your house and create “for sale” listings with a few quick taps.

Man Repeller

Pack A Weekend Bag

The first few nights are going to be so weird. Make sure they’re not even weirder because you can’t brush your teeth. Fill your carry-on with personal essentials like your toothbrush, pj's, a good book, a snack and something to wear to a celebratory brunch in your new neighborhood.

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