The 2 Zodiac Signs That Hold a Grudge (And 2 That Already Forgot Why They Were Mad)

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You’re meandering around the frozen foods section, searching for a pint of rocky road when you spot a vaguely familiar face: your high school arch-nemesis. You know, the one who concocted rumors about you for four years and “accidentally” spilled punch on your prom dress? Ah yes, that’s the one. Do you greet your old bully with an awkward smile and go about your business, or do you let your cold, penetrating glare do all the talking? Astrology can tell us a thing or two about whether our anger fades out quickly or if our resentment runs deep. Below, find out which zodiac signs are more likely to hold a grudge and which have no energy to waste on past transgressions. 

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Who’s Holding On 

Cancer: If you drop a bucket down into Cancer’s deep well of emotions, you’ll pull up all of the feelings they’re still holding onto: regret about the way a relationship ended a decade ago, criticism from an old boss and bitterness toward a friend who forgot to wish them a happy birthday. Cancer’s ruling planet, the moon, is linked with introspection and memories. So it’s impossible for the sensitive crabs to forget how you’ve made them feel in the past. Cancers dwell. They replay betrayals and rehash arguments, with their emotional wounds feeling as visceral as they did the day they received them. Cancer is able to act cordially toward people who have wronged them, but you can be sure their hidden grudges are still buried within.

Scorpio: Vulnerability doesn’t come easily to the cosmic Scorpions. Claws drawn and pincers raised, they’re subconsciously on the lookout for personal attacks. The intuitive water signs pride themselves on reading negative energy and seeing through lies (so good luck hiding your moods or planning their surprise party). Since Scorpio is so particular about who they trust, they view relationships as a sacred covenant. So if you betray them, bad news: forgiveness isn’t an option. Scorpio’s grudges entail completely cutting the people out of their lives (but never, ever forgetting how you’ve burned them). As Scorpio sees it, the mystery of your character has been solved. And there’s no need to reopen the investigation.

Who’s Letting Go

Gemini: These little encyclopedias desperately want to understand the world around them. One day Gemini is obsessing over marine mammals, the next they’re rattling off facts about abstract expressionist painters. If they can’t commit to one task or topic, do we really expect them to hang on to a grudge? When it comes to navigating conflict, Gemini wants to talk it out: Expect snappy debates and diatribes. But once they get all the words out, the air signs are free to move on without resentment. Gemini is extremely open-minded. The twins are such changeable creatures, and believe others can evolve, too. Gem’s light and airy energy won’t be weighed down by spitefulness. They’d rather read one of their psych books. 

Aries: These celestial matches are quick to ignite and quick to dissipate. Aries doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing their initial shock and rage. Ruled by Mars, planet of instinct, aggression and willpower, Aries energy faces conflict head on. When they notice you’re wearing the vintage handbag that vanished from their closet months ago, the fire signs step up and ask you about it directly. Bold Aries doesn’t mind putting people on the spot. They’d rather unload all of their feelings at once than hide their hurt. The first sign of the zodiac is the initiator, starting passion projects and speeding toward their goals. Aries has no time to stare into the rearview mirror.

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