2 Zodiac Signs Who Would Never Tell a Lie (And 3 Who Would Trick a Lie Detector Test)

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Your voice thins, your feet shuffle, your shoulders freeze. For some, the art of lying is agonizing. You struggle to explain that, while you’d love to meet up for drinks, you’re too overloaded at work (when really, you just want to watch Bake Off and melt into your couch like the tempered chocolate on this week’s episode). For others, twisting the truth is simple. The faux details flow like notes in a symphony, each lie playing together in perfect harmony. And while we’re all self-aware enough to know where we stand on the lying spectrum, we thought we’d call in astrology for backup (you know...just in case you can’t be trusted). Here are three signs of the zodiac wheel with the most spin (and two who call it like it is).

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Signs Who Bend the Truth

Gemini, The Storyteller:

Geminis can’t resist weaving lies into their thrilling narratives. Sure, they went to an outdoor folk concert in the ‘90s. But wouldn’t the story be sweeter if the show had been illuminated by a full moon or if the lead singer had pointed in their direction during the romantic ballot? Willing to trade the truth for a more interesting angle, Geminis are known to take some editorial liberties. And since they’re constantly flitting from one idea to the next, these little birds can sing out their lies as quickly as they land on them. Deep down, curious Geminis just want people to find them as interesting as they find the world. But instead of getting lost in fabrications, the air signs need to learn that it’s always safer to settle on a sturdy branch: the truth. 

Scorpio, The Protector: 

As Scorpio season blankets us in autumn’s darkest days, these signs embody the mystery, intensity and intimacy of the black night. The intuitives are gifted at seeing through lies and mining for secrets (they already know your phone’s passcode). And since they’re hyper-aware of deceptive behavior—shifty eye contact, sped up speech—Scorpio avoids these mistakes when they’re the ones doing the deceiving. Scorpio is the alligator slithering deftly through the swamps, with just their eyes peeking out above the water. They’re constantly scanning for threats while hiding their vulnerabilities under the surface. Instead of telling you they left town due to a devastating breakup, they’ll gloss over it, claiming they were “eager for a change of scenery.” For Scorpio, lying in the name of self-protection is always worth it. 

Libra, The Harmonizer:

The person you’re dating—one of many admirers—invites you over to check out their impressive record collection. And as you’re pouring a glass of Merlot, they drop the needle on one of your least-favorite songs...ever. Here’s where accommodating Libra starts spewing their verbal sunshine: the sweet lies they tell to keep everything running smoothly. “Great song!” The sign of the scales craves harmony. And they’ll charm (aka lie) their way to equilibrium if needed. Enchanted by aesthetic beauty—pastel peonies, bedrooms suffused with golden light—Libra gets caught up in appearances. They lie to avoid conflict and to connect with others on the surface. Hug it out?

Signs Who Tell the Truth

Aries, The Straight Shooter:

Some of us lie to please or placate. “You’re going to cut your own bangs? How fabulous!” Lucky for Aries, they’d rather distinguish themselves from the crowd. The red-hot rams have a sense of immediacy built in; there’s no time for hidden agendas when you’re running on instinct. So forget the bangs, you’d look better with a middle part. Aries knows honesty is power because it’s fearless. They’re comfortable with the uncomfortable: debates can be fun, right? The Mars-driven signs deliver their thoughts unwrapped. No decorative tissue paper, no bows. Just their fiery stream of consciousness. Call them when you need a dose of reality—no matter how harsh.

Sagittarius, The Truth Seeker:

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion. They’re always on a journey—physical, mental, spiritual—to find life’s big truths. Sag wants to see it all: lush Scottish hillsides, ornate Burmese temples. The free-thinkers explore different subjects, spaces and belief systems to get to the heart of our purpose. And they’re eager to share their wisdom with the world. Like their poetic travel journals, Sagittarius is an open book. Their firepower burns from their wit, whimsy and spontaneity. Where’s the fun in planning out lies (and having to keep track of all the phony details)? Sag would rather tell their real stories. Trust us, those tales are fascinating enough.

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