Surprise, Surprise: Millennials and Boomers Can’t Agree on What’s the Best City to Live in in the U.S.

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Millennial, Gen X and boomer interests are constantly at odds. The three generations hold different perspectives and most times sometimes they clash—see pet trends, hair trends and even homebuying trends. So, when it comes to cities to live in, surprise, surprise, the three generations also have differing opinions. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. At various stages in life, it’s natural that each generation wants a place that caters to their specific needs. Below, find out the best city to move if you’re a millennial, Gen X-er or boomer, according to home loan solution company, Knock.

The Most Sought-After Places to Move to in the U.S.

best city to move millennial boomer genx austin
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The Best City To Live If You’re A Millennial: Austin

It seems like tech is at the heart of millennials’ incentive to move, and while Silicon Valley remains a top destination, it’s way too pricey for much of the 26 to 41 demographic. That’s why they’re taking their talents to the great city of Austin, TX. This city has gotten a lot of attention due to its growing tech industry, with more than double the national average of tech jobs, reports Knock. Home to the University of Texas, Austin is essentially an expansive college town. The city has a vibrant downtown featuring live music, bars, restaurants, festivals and outdoor activities, so you there’s plenty to explore. It’s also home to popular attractions such as the Austin Aquarium and Bullock Texas State History Museum, as well as Mount Bonnell, the oldest attraction in Austin where you’ll find a vista for viewing the city of Austin, Lake Austin, and the surrounding hills. Resident Austinites are known to bike, hike and take the load off in the city’s 300 parks.

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The Best City To Live For Gen X: Miami

Due to its family-friendly attributes and availability of homes for sale, Miami is a top pick for Gen X—aka America’s forgotten generation. According to Knock, the main attraction is in Miami's status as an international business hub. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ryder Systems and Office Depot are among U.S. companies headquartered in the Magic City. Not to mention the fact that Miami also serves as the Latin American headquarters for more than 1,100 multinational corporations—from Disney to Sony and even Wal-Mart. And while the business aspect of it is all good, let’s not forget Miami is also a fantastic spot for some fun and adventure. Gen X, which is between the ages of 41 and 56, is all about staying active, and Miami’s year-round warm weather and world-class beaches make it easy to do so. The city is also renowned for its buzzing nightlife, top tier restaurants as well as art deco architecture. Not too shabby.

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The Best City To Live If You’re A Boomer: Pittsburgh

After years spent working and rearing children, most boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities to a place that allows them to take things slow and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For many, that place is Florida, but according Knock, Pennsylvania is a better option. Specifically, Pittsburgh. Between the inexpensive housing options and active retirement communities, Pittsburgh makes for a prime retirement destination. The home of the Steelers offers a lower cost of living than other major metros, one of the best healthcare systems in the country and major tax advantages. This city mixes small-town friendliness with the benefits of big-city living, so you may actually get to know your neighbor. Though Pittsburgh has been known to have some brutal winters, the lush botanic gardens (Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a popular favorite), miles of trails for walking, hiking and biking, vibrant cultural scene (with renowned theater and museums) and burgening food landscape make it all worth it.