5 Haircuts Gen X'ers Can't Get Enough Of in 2021

Hi, Gen X'ers: Curious about which hairstyles are trending among your cohort these days? We asked two top stylists in New York for intel on their most requested cuts.

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1. Curtain Bangs

Aka the style that unites all age groups. “They look effortless and create youthful texture and layering around the face that ‘lifts’ your features,” explains Nunzio Saviano, an award-winning stylist and owner of his eponymous salon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Another reason why curtain bangs are such a popular request? “They aren’t as scary as other types of cuts because they grow out easily and look good in-between trims,” adds Saviano.

2. Bobs And Lobs

“Bobs clear the shoulders and hover somewhere below the jawline, while lobs are a slightly grown out version of this,” says Jackson Simmonds, an advanced stylist and brand ambassador at Julien Farel salon. “Both of these cuts are easy to style, which is a big selling point for the 40- to 56-year-old client who works full time, might be raising a family and doesn’t always have additional time for blow drying their hair,” he explains.

3. Curly Shag

A la Sandra Oh. “This is a very confident and powerful style that transitions nicely from daytime to dinner,” says Saviano. It’s also a great option for women who have naturally curly or wavy hair because it “offers body and texture in a modern way.”

4. Long, Face-framing Layers

Always a fan favorite, “We are constantly seeing photos of well-known Gen X'ers like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Moore brought into the salon,” shares Saviano. This isn’t a surprise given that the style “adds lift and dimension to your hair, while accentuating the contours of your face.”

5. "the Rachel"

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, Simmonds reveals that “The Rachel” haircut is still going strong. [Ed note: The style saw a spike in search volume after the highly-anticipated Friends reunion earlier this year.] “It’s one of the most requested styles of our time,” says Simmonds. “This is largely thanks to the way the layers are cut, which are flattering to an array of face shapes,” he explains. That said, the choppy cut has been modernized in 2021, with the latest iteration being slightly longer and softer, but still keeping plenty of face-framing flare.

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