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You swore off dating apps when your date showed up looking 50 years older than his picture (well, the black-and-white photo should’ve clued you in). But according to New York City matchmaker Emily Holmes Hahn, dating apps can be really awesome—you just need to be able to identify red flags up front. Here’s what to look for: 

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1. He’s only got one photo.
Are looks everything? Of course not. But let’s face it: Physical attraction is key. So yes, while everyone has that one great photo of themselves (admit it: you do, too), one outlier doesn’t provide a decent idea of what your date actually looks like. And yikes—that could mean two hours with someone you’re not really into.

2. He’s got a lot of pictures, but they’re all the same.
Same deal here. If he’s wearing a hat and sunglasses in 16 photos, he could wind up looking totally different than what you thought. Don’t feel shallow: You have our matchmaker’s permission to have a solid idea of who you’ll be greeting before you invest your time in a meet-up. 

3. When every text is a sext. 
Sure, sexy banter can be fun, but if he can't go a full conversation without asking for another selfie or dropping a sexual innuendo…or worse…then it’s time to swipe on. (Unless, of course, you’re interested for the same reasons—then do your thing, girl.)

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4. When he won't make a plan. 
You’ve been chatting for a few days, but he’s being weird about meeting. Well, there could a million and one reasons behind his excuses, and honestly, we don’t want to touch them with ten-foot pole.

5. When he dances around the question. 

It’s every girl’s nightmare: the run-around response to a straightforward question.

You: "Where are you from?"
Him: "Where do you want me to be from?"

You: "How tall are you?"
Him: “Taller than your ex…"

These evasive responses may seem cute, but they also hint that he’s hiding something. You know what? We’d rather just call it a girls’ night.

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