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Online dating: Just when we thought we’d seen it all (really,, we stumbled across a new app that uses regular ol’ LinkedIn to play matchmaker.

Meet The League.

It functions like a college-admissions board but for professional-minded singles. Currently only 2,000 New Yorkers use the app--with a waiting list of around 20,000. But it’s not just a numbers game. There are specific things you can do to better your odds at getting in. Here are creator Amanda Bradford’s tips.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is robust. The algorithm pulls initial info from there. So the more your job and education are already on the Internet, the more trustworthy you appear.

Be sure your photos are clear and classy. Just you; no sunglasses, no keg stands.

Set your preferences to be open-minded. Choose a wide range of ages, backgrounds and interests. Those vetting the wait list want non-picky people.

Be lucky enough to have a unique job. Industry saturation isn’t good for anyone. (Ladies in tech, you’ll fly to the top of the list.)

Keep the faith. More users will be added as the app pushes out of beta; though, the pool will remain elite. So, good luck, Godspeed and if all else fails, there will always be peanut-averse fellows still looking for love.

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