The Swedish Royals Give Major Cottagecore Vibes in This Stunning Family Photo

While our feeds are often dominated by the British royal family, the Swedish royals just caught our attention with their latest Instagram post.

On their official page, the royals posted a giant family photo where their matching skills and aesthetic building was really on point. They must've caught on to the recent cottagecore trend, because the family members had the theme on full display with their floral dresses, hay bales and even the rustic wooden carriage in the background.

The photo was shared with a caption in Swedish, which (when translated) said: “Together on Öland again! A long-awaited reunion for the crown. The family, which after a long time in different places, can once again gather on the island of the sun and winds. A continued happy summer is wished to everyone.”

16 members of the family are present in the image, including the heads of the family, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia (sitting center). The king and queen are joined by their daughter, Crown Princess Victoria—who stands to the far left in a white dress—and her husband, Daniel Westling, who is posted right behind the queen. The couple's daughter, Princess Estelle (9), sports a blue dress in the front left, while her brother, Prince Oscar (5), is seen sitting on top of the carriage.

To the left of the king is his son, Prince Carl Philip, standing behind his own wife, Princess Sofia. The princess is shown holding their newborn son, Prince Julian, while their oldest, Prince Alexander (5), sits in front of his mom. Their middle child, Prince Gabriel (3), is seen beside his father.

Rounding out the photo is Princess Madeleine (the king and queen's youngest child), who stands with her husband, Christopher O’Neill, to the far right. Their son, Prince Nicolas (6), holds his mom's hand, while Princess Leonore (7) and Princess Adrienne (3) are both sitting on the carriage in matching pink dresses. And let's not forget that the royal family's dogs were present in the photo too.

We love this rare opportunity to see the Swedish royal family together again.

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