The Swedish Royal Family Is Getting the Hollywood Treatment with a Brand-New Series

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It looks like the British monarchy won't be the only royals getting the Hollywood treatment.

According to reports, Sweden's TV4 and their streaming service, C More, is now working on a new royal docuseries that will follow Sweden's royal family. And according to the Royal Court, fans can expect to see dramatized depictions of real-life events—not unlike what we've seen on Netflix's The Crown.

In a public statement, the royal family stated, "As we understand it, it is planned as a drama documentary. When it comes to documentaries, it is important that they are as close to the truth as possible, and that the facts are presented correctly. As for the dramatized part of the series, it is of course based on artistic freedom, something we have no control over."

The series, which will include six episodes in its first season, will center on the life of King Carl Gustaf, who became king in 1973 at just 27 years old. Per Variety, Josefine Tengblad, drama director at TV4 and C More, explained, "Everyone in Sweden has a relationship to the monarchy and its history, regardless of your opinion on it. The opportunity to add new experiences and dimensions to the tale of our king is a prestigious project to us.”

She continued, "I’ve personally never been a fan of monarchy but I remember reading the treatment of six or seven pages while I was on a flight. As I was reading those pages, I started crying, because it was so strong. It’s a little bit like The King’s Speech in the way that it portrays someone who is being groomed to become someone he’s not."

Further details have yet to be revealed, including a title and when we can expect the first trailer. Howevr, we do know that Margareta Thorgren, the Swedish Court's Information Manager, has already met with Åsa Lantz, one of the show's writers. 

We'll be on the lookout for more details!

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