George, Charlotte & Louis Have a Surprising Hobby—& It’s Something Their Gan-Gan Also Enjoys

Looks like Queen Elizabeth is set to have some new horseback riding companions: her great-grandchildren.

On Sunday, the Times reported that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and even Prince Louis have picked up this new hobby while spending the last year at their country home in Norfolk, where they have remained for the majority of the U.K.’s lockdown. Per the report, the Cambridge children even have their own ponies which they are required to help care for by their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

cambridge kids 4
Getty Images

While it has been previously revealed that 6-year-old George and 5-year-old Charlotte have taken lessons in the past, this is the first we’ve heard of 2-year-old Louis participating, as well as the fact that the Cambridge family owns ponies.

The love of the sport must run in the Windsor genes, considering Her Majesty has been riding practically her entire life. In fact, like her great-grandkids, she was given her first horse (a Shetland pony) when she was just 4-years-old. We’re sensing a pattern here.

The 94-year-old also finds time to partake in horse-related royal pastimes whenever she has the opportunity. The monarch attends the Windsor Horse Show annually (aside from this year, of course) and is known to get rather spirited when watching horse races.

Kate, if you’re reading this, we would love it if you could just get a few snaps of these three and their ponies. We’d greatly appreciate it.

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