Here’s Why Kelly Ripa’s ‘Live’ Studio Return Looked…Off

Kelly Ripa recently returned to the studio alongside Ryan Seacrest to resume normal production on Live with Kelly and Ryan. While we’re thrilled to have them back, we couldn’t help but notice a minor flaw in the show’s social distancing protocol.

Here’s what you need to know: On Tuesday, the co-hosts reunited after months of filming virtual segments from their own homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. That same day, producers flooded the official Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram page with behind-the-scenes photos from the taping.

In reality, Ripa and Seacrest are six feet apart. The new episodes, however, are edited to make it appear as though they’re sitting in close range. It sounds great in theory, but after watching the highly anticipated reunion, it’s clear the production team hasn’t totally mastered the new format.

Not only is there a clear division down the middle of the screen, but Seacrest’s right arm also disappears on several occasions. The issue is amplified when he tells an animated story and uses large hand gestures that cross into the “no go” zone.

It’s not a huge deal, but it definitely stirred up controversy in the comments section. Some viewers found it strange, writing, “Are Kelly and Ryan at the same place and the same time…why does Ryan’s arm keep disappearing?” Others poked fun at the situation: “I love how Ryan’s hand keeps disappearing [laugh emoji].”

Meanwhile, the show’s social media team totally ignored the snafu in the caption. They wrote, “@instasuelos is quarantined in Vancouver for @thecwriverdale filming,” referencing the conversation topic in the footage.

Limbs (or lack thereof) aside, we’re just happy to see Ripa and Seacrest together again.


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