Kelly Ripa Just Tried to Break a Guinness World Record on ‘Live’…and It Didn’t Go as Planned

Kelly Ripa recently trained for a major event, and it (almost) went according to plan.

Earlier this week, we stumbled upon a video that was posted on the official Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram Story. The clip shows Ripa rehearsing for an episode of the popular talk show, where she’ll attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most doughnuts stacked in a minute…while wearing a blindfold.

kelly ripa guiness world record

In the clip (screenshot above), Ripa receives a “3, 2, 1” countdown before attempting to stack as many doughnuts as she can. The trick is to perfectly align each treat, so it doesn’t run the risk of toppling over later down the line. (In order to qualify for the world record, the tower must stand on its own after one minute of stacking.)

The next day, Ripa and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, tried to break the record. Although they put in a good effort, it didn’t go as expected. Not only did Ripa’s tower topple over just seconds before the buzzer went off, but Seacrest’s stack also followed suit.

The attempt comes just a few weeks after Live resumed normal production as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. (Ripa and Seacrest had been hosting virtual segments from their own homes, which actually proved to be quite interesting.)

Of course, the pair’s return to the studio hasn’t been totally flawless. Since the co-hosts are required to abide by social distancing guidelines, they must sit six feet apart. Producers later edit the footage to make it seem like they’re next to each other, which is why Seacrest’s hand kept disappearing during the premiere episode.

Hey, at least there are leftover doughnuts.


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